A lot of WWE stars have been leaving the company lately, Emma is the latest to leave due to getting released… did she ask for release and wanted to quit?

WWE seems like a tough business. Becoming a professional wrestler may sound fun and exciting, but once a wrestler actually makes it to the WWE, he or she will realize that’s it nothing special. It’s a hard business to get into. From the sounds of things, when you work for WWE you’ll have to deal with a lot of big egos and backstage politics with the company.

Many former WWE stars quit for that reason… stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ryback and Alberto Del Rio just to name a few. Yes Stone Cold did quit WWE at one point but he and WWE are on good terms now, I guess.

Nia Jax just quit WWE not too long ago, and now it’s looking like that Emma is the next to go.


Why was Emma let go of the company? Emma was a pretty important superstar in the women’s division. She helped a lot of other women make it in NXT and WWE. Emma was a pretty iconic performer in NXT, she was very popular. Emma was getting popularity in WWE until they gave her the boot. She was getting a lot of screen time and good matches. Emma had two good matches with Asuka in a row and WWE fired her? Really? There’s gotta be something going on here. Maybe Emma asked for the release ’cause she wasn’t happy with the company.

A lot of superstars in the business aren’t happy with the company lately. Why would superstars not be happy with WWE? Is it because of creative direction? In other words, not being happy of how they’re being used? Maybe they weren’t happy at how they’re getting paid.

I am a wrestling fanatic yes, but I must admit that Vince McMahon is a huge pain in the ass sometimes. That man doesn’t know what the fans want. There are too many stars that deserve main event status’s, but Vince keeps ramming stars like Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Roman Reigns down our throats. Right now, those three guys are the only three stars that matters to Vince. He doesn’t care about anyone else in the business and it’s starting to show.

I’m worried about Asuka now that she’s in the WWE. I’m worried that Vince is gonna screw her as well. If WWE releases Asuka early then I’ll be pissed, and I’ll probably quit watching WWE again. I don’t think WWE will ever release/fire Asuka ’cause she’s selling them a lot of merchandise. I think she’ll be around WWE for a long time hopefully.

WWE doesn’t know what we want anymore which is a shame, and it explains why their TV ratings are so low lately. A lot of cool superstars left the WWE (either quit or got fired)… I was kind of disappointed when Vince fired CM Punk for real ’cause he was my favorite performer. Good things were going for CM Punk, and I didn’t understand why Vince fired him.

Ah well, as for Emma, I’m sure she’ll keep working in the wrestling business independently, though. She’ll probably go to TNA Impact, I bet. I wish her luck in whatever she does ’cause she is a good performer and good wrestler too. A shame her WWE career was pretty short.

Superstars come and go. That’s the way it is.


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