Listen to podcast about Jaliek Rainwalker… #justiceforjaliek

There’s this podcast that I stumbled upon twitter and on their website they said they did a podcast on the Jaliek Rainwalker case. I’ve talked about the Jaliek case on my blog before. If you don’t know about the Jaliek case listen to this podcast and do your google research too.

This kid named Jaliek Rainwalker went missing in my hometown of Greenwich on Nov. 1st 2007. It’s now been 10 years since he went missing and it’s now been turned into a cold case after all these years.

When it comes to the Jaliek case, there has always been a controversial debate over this. Many believe that Jaliek’s adoptive parents had something to do with his disappearance and there are some that actually believe the claims that he has run away.

If you’re one of those who side with Jaliek’s adoptive parents on their run-away claim then give this podcast a listen. This podcast maybe a real eye opener for you and you may wake up a bit if you think Jaliek’s adoptive father is innocent. A lot of people believe that Jaliek’s adoptive father had something to do with it. I do too. I believe the father did something horrible to the kid and he covered his tracks.

Give this podcast a listen by the Missing Minority Project. They’re a podcast that focuses on missing people who are of color and LGBTQ people. They’re thinking the same thing what we’ve all been thinking… Jaliek a victim of foul play.

Something horrible happened to poor Jaliek in that Hill St. home in Greenwich (my hometown). The family wants to claim that Jaliek is alive and has run away but there’s no evidence of that.

Whether Jaliek is alive or dead (he’s probably likely dead, unfortunately), I want him found like most people. This case needs closure. 10 years on and still nothing. There are some that don’t want us pointing fingers at the adoptive father, but he was the last person to see Jaliek alive. How else do you want us to respond?

If anybody out there knows something about what happened on Nov. 1st 2007 in that house, you should come forward. Speak to the Greenwich police. There’s gotta be someone or some people that knows something. I’m tired of all the silence and nobody talking.

It seems that this case has gotten more attention I’m noticing. It pretty much went viral. The longer Jaliek stays missing, the more people wonder about him. I’ve been following this case ever since it happened and I haven’t forgotten Jaliek. I care about the kid and want him found like everyone else.



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