How to have a positive music life and career locally… you just gotta ignore all bullshit and negativity. It’s that simple?

I know a lot of unsigned musicians out there want to get heard and try to make a name for themselves locally which is all good and cool, but that’s my goal admittedly. I too want to get heard by as many people as possible and make a name for myself like most musicians ’cause that’s what we all do this for pretty much. If you want to play music and get yourself out there, you gotta have balls and be ready.

Keep in mind though, when you do get yourself out there and playing your music publicly, you WILL go through all kinds of bullshit and negativity in your music life. You WILL get doubters, haters, critics and backstabbers. You will also meet some other musicians and promoters out there who can be big time prima-donnas and pompous assholes too. Knowing from my own experience dealing with all this myself, you will get other musicians and promoters thinking they’re more superior than you and they’ll try to make you think you’re nothing musically.

If playing music is what you want to do then you gotta be brave, have balls and ignore all bullshit and negativity completely. You gotta have that “Don’t give a fuck” attitude. You need to care about you and your music and that’s it. Sure, it may sound a bit selfish to only care about you but that’s what you must do if you want to play music successfully and positively. There are gonna be people out there who are gonna have negative thoughts and feelings about you but the secret is, you don’t care. Only care about you and the supporters/fans who really like you.

There will be jealous assholes out there that just want to see you fail musically and they’ll try to destroy your dreams and goals. Don’t let that happen. Only concentrate on your music and only that. Just keep making music and that’s all you need to do. If you can’t take any negativity then maybe being a musician isn’t for you. You’ll have to learn to accept that not everything is gonna be positive and not everyone is gonna like you. I know there are some musicians out there who can’t accept that not everything is gonna be positive and not everyone will like them but fuck them. Those are the prima donnas that I’m talking about.

When I got myself out there, I dealt with plenty of bullshit and I almost gave it up ’cause of it. Don’t give up music ’cause that’s what they want you to do.

Just stay humble and keep playing. That’s all you gotta do really. That’s what you wanna do is to piss people off and make people jealous. If you’re getting all that then there’s gotta be something about your music, right? Good music and good talent are gonna make people jealous of you. People are never gonna admit that, though.


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