The Brock’s Top 10 Best Music albums of 2017…

I know this list is a little late but I finally got around to compiling my choices for Best Music albums of 2017. Here are my choices of Best Albums released in 2017 with a brief explanation.


10. Danzig – Black Laden Crown

I’ve been a big Danzig fan for many years and still love that band. “Black Laden Crown” the band’s newest album they just put out is their best record in their career. I think Glenn Danzig is a great singer and guitar player. Danzig’s sound and style never changed after all these years. Even with today’s technology in production, they still sound the same.

9. Evanescence – Synthesis

Amy Lee and Evanescence finally put out a new album after a really long hiatus from the industry. Well, the band is finally back and better than ever but this album is not what you think it is. This album is a different side of Evanescence. This album has a mix of orchestral strings and electronic music of their songs. This album is mostly re-recordings of their earlier material and also has a few new songs. It’s an amazing album and the best they’ve ever done. They did a good job on producing ’cause the sound quality on it was pretty amazing.

8. Mastodon – Emperor of Sand

A band that has been catching my attention lately. I’ve been listening to Mastodon for a long while now and I think they’re an excellent metal band. Their newest album “Emperor of Sand” is really awesome and I’ve been listening to it repeatedly. Guitar playing is great and so is the singing. If you want to hear a heavy rockin’ album, this is the album to check out.

7. Ensiferum – Two Paths

Ensiferum is a Finnish metal band better known as Viking Metal. They really are Viking metal and this is another band that has gotten my attention lately. This band is more than just loud electric guitars and growling. You’ll hear acoustic music here too and maybe a little orchestration and a lot of female singing too. “Two Paths” is their best album. This album is great. It had to be on here.

6. Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters seems to be getting better at every album they do. I’ve been a long time Foo’s fan. Heard every album they did over the years. Dave is a great songwriter and this is the best album by the Foo’s. There’s more heavier rockin’ songs on this one but of course, there’s gonna be a few acoustic songs.

5. Taylor Swift – Reputation

A lot of people are disappointed that Taylor has changed directions once again… this time she has gotten a lot darker with her music in this album. A lot darker than her previous album “1989”. Yes, this album is dark but still very good. I admire the fact that she’s not afraid to make music how she wants and not afraid to go different directions. I kept listening to this album repeatedly so it had to be high on the list. Amazing album all the way through, in my opinion.

4. Billy Corgan – Ogilala

No new Smashing Pumpkins release yet but Billy Corgan released a new solo album and it blew my fucking mind. Had to listen to it twice. On this album, you’re not gonna hear a hard rockin’ Billy Corgan with guitar riffs and face melting leads. You’re not gonna get any of that on here. This is a softer side of Billy Corgan so the album is gonna be mellow all the way through. This album is mostly ballads but the songs are beautiful and they can never leave your head. Billy’s singing is really good on it too. Of course, I heard all these songs already when Billy was doing his online video tours on Facebook last year.

3. Alice Cooper – Paranormal

This album is fuckin’ badass. I’ve gotten into Alice Cooper music recently and I bought his new record “Paranormal”. Guitar playing is awesome on it and so is Alice’s singing. I listened to this album a lot so it had to be high on the list. As usual Alice, always surrounds himself with great musicians.

2. Gregg Allman – Southern Blood

This was the final studio album Gregg Allman recorded before he passed away. I finally gotten around to listening to it on the free edition of Spotify and want to get my own copy soon. On this album, Gregg is doing his usual blues and country thing. A different side of the Allman Brother’s music. On this album, there is an added horn section through some of these songs which is cool and different. Love this album. Gregg at his best.

1. Greta Van Fleet – From the Fires

I’ve seen this band name called Greta Van Fleet going around but never really listened to them until now. I got into this band ’cause someone told me to listen to them. Someone is like “Hey Kev, you should listen to this band called Greta Van Fleet, they sound like Led Zeppelin”. So that alone I decided to finally listen to them in Spotify and I was impressed. They do sound very much like Zeppelin. Almost dead-on. They also remind me of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Black Crowes too. I listened to this album twice on Spotify and want to buy my own copy soon. Greta Van Fleet brought true rock n’ roll back which is refreshing to hear. If you want to hear 60’s and 70’s rock n’ roll again then listen to these guys. The singer for Greta Van Fleet can really sing for sure.


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