Greenwich is full of talented musicians but only thing, there’s no places to play in this town…

Yeah, Greenwich is no doubt a pretty musical town but as the title says… there are no venues at all here. I myself have been a part of the so-called Greenwich music scene for many years.

Greenwich used to have an actual music venue which is a place that used to be called the Old Station Inn. The Old Station Inn is no longer around. It went out of business finally after all these years that has been around.

Yes, I have played Greenwich locally for a long time. Back when I was starting out playing guitar, I used to sneak into the Old Station Inn better known as the “O.S.I.” in which the town used to call it… “The OSI” which is a bar. I used to sneak into OSI on their open mic jam nights which used to be held every Thursday nights back in the day. Back then, I did whatever I could to play my music out.. Play original songs and covers…. whatever. I didn’t care if I sucked or not, I just wanted to get out there and do something. That was back when I was in my late teens… when I was 18 or 19. I was sneaking into bars to play open mic nights, haha. Those were the days,  though. I’ll never forget them.

I’ve also played open mics all over this town too over the years like at diners and restaurants. I remember once that I put myself together a gig at a Greenwich Diner years ago. It was an acoustic gig that featured acoustic artists… I’ll never forget that Livery Café gig. I’ve also played another gig at the Greenwich High School which was Songwriters Night and it was hosted by Bob Warren, I remember.

Yeah, I have been a part of the Greenwich music scene for a long time myself, but I still continue to get overlooked and seem to get underappreciated still but that’s okay. I don’t do this to become a big name anyways. I just play ’cause it’s what I do and I just do my thang, ya know?

While this article did a great job naming some well-known musicians in my hometown… they are missing out plenty of others that I can name especially Jimmy Cristaldi (who taught me how to play guitar a little bit), Green (can’t believe they get left out), Howard Gardephe, Moon Rob McGeoch, Tom Keller, Wendy Nolan and the list can go on and on.

And don’t forget, me… yours truly.

Yeah, Greenwich is full of talent but once again, no places to play here. So I can’t blame some of these guys for playing gigs else where. I did the same. When I used to play gigs, I played all over the Capital District myself.

Admittedly, I haven’t played out in a long while but that’s because I don’t really need to play out all the time. I only play out when I got something to show for it like new songs and stuff. I’ll get myself back out there at some point. I do miss performing on the stage.

The article is a great read, though.






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