6 music albums I bought from ITunes yesterday…

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Just purchased these 6 albums from ITunes today!

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So I ended up picking up some music albums from ITunes yesterday and they are pictured above.

I finally bought the Greta Van Fleet 6 song EP. Even though that album was released as a single, not really a full length… it’s still really good stuff. I’m not into today’s music much but Greta Van Fleet is one new band that I actually like a lot.

I got my own copy of Gregg Allman’s “Southern Blood” solo album which is really good stuff. This album has a mix of country, blues and rock. Even though this is Gregg’s solo music, he still sounds very much like the Allman Brothers on it.

I also got Billy Corgan’s new solo album, “Ogilala” which is beautiful stuff. The whole album is pretty mellow all the way through but still, the songs are amazing. Billy is the king at writing ballads and those songs never leave your head. I dig every song on this record and I’m gonna be listening to it a lot, I think.

I find myself listening to Iron Maiden more and more and trying to get some of their older studio albums. Maiden is becoming one of my favorite metal bands right now. They’re becoming my new obsession.

I got another Alice Cooper album ’cause I’m trying to collect his music too. I can’t stop listening to his stuff as well. Yeah, in the past I never really listened to Alice Cooper music but I think it’s time to get into him. I love Alice Cooper, his music is great shit… although so far, “Killer” is the best album I’ve heard by him.

I used to have that Grateful Dead album on CD in my music collection so I decided to get it on digital. “American Beauty” is my favorite album by the Dead. I’m trying to collect all of the Dead’s studio albums ’cause I’m a Deadhead too, believe it or not. I never saw them live before but I do enjoy listening to them. I love the Grateful Dead. Always did. Trying to get all their studio albums and then I’ll start getting their live stuff. People don’t think I’m a Grateful Dead fan but I am. Yeah, I am a huge fan of the jam band genre myself. I like the Dead, Phish, Allman Bros, etc. I dig all that stuff.

I love buying music albums. Other than playing an instrument, listening to other people’s music has always been important to me. I don’t feel guilty buying a lot of albums ’cause it’s what I do. When you’re a musician and guitar player, it’s important you should listen to as much music as possible and continue to stay inspired.


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