Police & prosecutors meet to discuss Jaliek Rainwalker case to speed things up, hopefully they get to the bottom of this case once and for all…

This is good news really. Why didn’t they do this a long time ago? New article on the decade old Jaliek Rainwalker disappearance case… finally some action going on here. Police, prosecutors and new investigators get together to discuss the case. They got new police officers to help work on it and they got other investigators now which is all good to see.

I’ve been following the Jaliek Rainwalker case ever since it happened in Nov. of 2007. I’ve followed this case pretty closely over the years and I’m still following it. I’m just like everyone else… I want answers too. Yeah, my hometown of Greenwich wants answers still. We haven’t forgotten Jaliek and never will.


I thought the Greenwich-Cambridge police did a horrible job of this case over the years and it’s good to see that they’re finally stepping up. This case really does need closure and we all need to know the truth. Most importantly, Jaliek needs his justice still.

Hopefully they do get to the bottom of this case soon and lock up all those responsible for his disappearance.

We all have a pretty good idea what happened to Jaliek and even the police thinks so too… we all think the adoptive parents murdered Jaliek and hid the body but there’s no proof yet. Hopefully soon they’ll get enough evidence to prove it so that it will be good enough to arrest certain people. Hopefully the new investigators will be able to locate the remains of Jaliek ’cause he’s gotta be out there somewhere.

This case has been open for 10 years and still nothing. I’m hoping and praying these new investigators will do a good job.



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