Why a lot of local musicians are so egotistical and such arrogant jerks, my take on it…

Whenever I talk about this stuff, the topic of musicians around the Capital Region being so egotistical and arrogant jerks, no one will believe me. Instead many would think that I’m just trolling or bullying… ya know, being the bad guy but I’m not at all. I’ve been a part of the local music scene for many years; I’ve been a part of local musicians community for like a decade or over so I pretty much know how musicians are. I have eyes and ears so I see and hear things. Why would I make this stuff up?

What are the reasons that musicians can be so egotistical and arrogant? There are many reasons really. One of them is that there are a lot of musicians that believe that they are so good at what they do musically and they know it. They are not afraid to tell people that they are so talented. Whether it will be singing or playing an instrument or both, if they’re good and they won’t be afraid to brag about it publicly. There are even musicians out there who are not that good musically, but they still happen to have a huge ego problem. I’ve seen all of this over the years.

A lot of musicians can have huge egos, but the egos can be worse with the more popular and established musicians. Trust me, it can be pretty crazy in the local music scene. I used to gig myself and I used to hang out with other musicians at other band shows so I know what it’s like out there. It can be pretty crazy online too.

Once again, I know not all musicians are a bunch of egos and arrogant jerks… some musicians can be great people. All musicians are different. We have different attitudes, different feelings and different personalities. That’s all I can say. A lot of musicians just like to be themselves.

The thing is there are so many musicians who are so protective of themselves and very protective of their music. That’s why some of them can’t take any disagreements or criticism of any kind ’cause they can be way overly protective of what they do. Their egos gets much worse once they go somewhere with their music. Their ego grows larger the more popularity they get and the more success they get with their music. That’s how it is around here, really.

Interacting with musicians in the scene may sound fun but it isn’t always fun. If you don’t want to deal with the egos and arrogant jerks around here, you gotta weed ’em out. Only interact with the musicians who are good to you. If you find musicians who treat you good, supports your music and your playing then that’s who you want to support back. Why would you want to support musicians who are nothing but stuck-up assholes,  ya know? There are musicians out there who are wonderful people, down to earth and humble… you just gotta find ’em. My advice is that don’t support musicians who always look down upon you and always treating you with pure disdain ’cause you will meet musicians who’ll always put you down and act more superior. There will be musicians out there who will act more superior and think they’re better than you. Those are the ones you gotta ignore.

When you want to play your music and get yourself out there, you can’t be intimidated by the egos ’cause you will definitely meet some out there. Never let them think they’re better than you ’cause they’re not. We’re all musicians. Nobody is superior than anybody else. So because a musician or band has had some success with their music does not necessarily mean they’re more superior. There will always be those who think they’re know it alls just because their music went somewhere. Don’t let them bring you down. Just play your music and do your own thing.

I’ve had plenty of musicians over the years of my life who thought they were bigger than me and acted like my music was nothing. Don’t let any of that bother ya and just continue to play. Never let others think they’re better than you. I never did.

For years, musicians and promoters complained about the person that I am and they still do. That’s okay. I am who I am. If other musicians think they can be themselves then why can’t I, right? Never do things to please other musicians and just be you. I just want to play my music like everyone else and it’s that simple really. I don’t do this to become a rock star like many nowadays, all I want to do is make music and that’s it.

That’s all I got to say about that for now.





3 thoughts on “Why a lot of local musicians are so egotistical and such arrogant jerks, my take on it…”

  1. Indeed. This is not unique to any region and I’ve observed it all over the country. Bands that might have had one or two decent local gigs, either attendance wise or because they got a write up, suddenly exhibit standoffish behaviors they believe are essential to being a rock star. It’s mostly the result of insecurity. Many, if not most, of these bands fail to understand that it takes more than a few local shows attended by friends and family. They need to take it on the road and see what the feedback is – that’s where they learn the difference between being a known local entity and a “who are you, again ?” type of band everywhere else.

  2. “There will be musicians out there who will act more superior and think they’re better than you. Those are the ones you gotta ignore.” Ive met those ones. You find out later that they didnt have any friends in high school and probably got bullied a bit. Learning guitar gives them a bit of an edge over everyone because they can do something that most of us cant; play guitar.. and they act like they are better than those people. Its the only way they can get people to notice them lol. Theres a heap of musicians out there that arent like that though. But yeah best to ignore these types.

    1. I agree and great post! Definitely not all musicians are egotistical and arrogant, I’m saying just some of them can be. There are a lot of musicians out there who are friendly, humble and very cool, absolutely.


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