Why I enjoy singing cover songs… you should enjoy it too…

I know people want me to do mostly original music nowadays which is good and I do like making original music, but the thing is I like playing and singing cover songs too. I’ve always loved to do both originals and cover songs. I’ve always thought it was important for me to do both. In the local musicians community, we’re now in an age where original music is finally accepted and cover songs are now in the past. It’s good that people mostly want to hear originals but you shouldn’t forget cover songs either.

I like to do cover songs ’cause first of all, they are fun to do and secondly they help improve my musicianship. Yeah I like to play and sing a lot of cover songs. I just want to perform all of my favorite songs that I’ve loved over the years. Sometimes I would pick some pretty odd covers that no one would expect me to do… I just do them ’cause I simply love the songs. I just perform any cover I want and the ones that I can do well.

Each time I put out a cover song, someone will ask me, “When are you going to put something original out?” Well, I like performing cover songs ’cause I love playing them. Cover songs are pretty important to do anyways and you shouldn’t neglect them. When I perform a cover song, I give it my best. I’m gonna get back into performing cover songs again on video whether me playing an instrument or just doing it karaoke style.

Lately I’ve been working on Judy Garland’s “SomeWhere Over the Rainbow” the song from Wizard of Oz. I’m doing that one ’cause I love that song and it’s a song I’ve always wanted to cover so I downloaded the backing track of that song from Itunes. I’ve been practicing that song everyday, trying to get all the notes down and seems to be a pretty simple song to sing really. It’s not that hard as it sounds. That song has a bit of a range but I seem to do quite well on it so when I’m ready, I’ll video tape myself singing it and release it for all to hear. It may seem weird to do a song like that but I dig all kinds of tunes. I dig everything pretty much.

I love singing and I want to be able to sing as much cover songs as possible. If it bothers other people then I don’t care. It is interesting though, how nobody cares about cover songs anymore. It’s important to have a wide range of cover songs that a lot of people know and I’m trying to do all that.

I like to perform covers to put on a little excitement. I played so many cover songs on guitar over the years that I’ve probably forgotten how to play most of them, but I’m gonna re-learn them. I like to learn covers from every genre of music really. Now that I’ve been messing with electric guitar a lot more, I’m gonna start learning some metal and harder rockin’ covers. I’d like to start learning songs from Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Dream Theater, etc. I’ve already started learning songs by Led Zeppelin on electric guitar, I’m still trying to master the solo part on “Stairway to Heaven”. I know how to play all the rhythm guitar parts for that song but it’s the solo I’m trying to get down note for note and I’m getting there.

My listeners and fans do enjoy me performing covers, though ’cause they get a lot of good feedback each time I upload a new video. I know I haven’t released anything in a long time, but “Somewhere over the Rainbow” will be the next one soon.

Don’t criticize other musicians for wanting to do covers. It’s a good thing to do and always has been. Any musician that says that it isn’t is probably not a real musician themselves.


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