I was never the best at producing my own music. I’m the worst at it but I’m learning, though…

Over the years of my life being a home recording artist, I was never the best at producing my own music. I was never really that smart about recording. In the past, I never really cared about sound quality. All I did over the years was hit the record button and what you hear is what you get. I didn’t care if the recording sounded bad whether it had background hissing, humming, clipping and all that stuff. I just wanted to make music and listen to it. I would also share my songs with other people to get feedback. Despite the bad sound quality, people would strangely give me nice feedback on my songs anyways. It’s like as long as you can listen to it, who cares about sound quality?

I am trying to educate myself on producing my own music which is what I want to do. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching about mixing and mastering. I’ve gotten much better at educating myself at getting recording equipment to get a better sound. For now, I don’t have a pro-studio yet, but I just have a small and basic home studio. I have a computer, a DAW (Acoustic Mixcraft), an audio interface, speaker monitors, a phantom powered mic w/ pop filter and things like that.

When I was in my early 20’s just starting out in home recording, I remember using those old Tascam 4 track cassette recorders. I remember I used to own that thing and I used to record acoustic demos on those things all the time. I kind of wish I kept it but the old school 4 track Tascam broke ’cause I used it so much.

I’ve been doing home recording for many years. Long before DAW’s on computers started coming out and my first computer DAW for music recording was Cakewalk, I think. Then I used the old ProTools software for a long while which I don’t use anymore due to getting a new computer. The DAW that I currently now use is Acoustica Mixcraft which is very cool. I’ve contemplated going back to ProTools and someday I will whenever I can afford it but for now I’ll use the affordable Mixcraft. I think Mixcraft is way better than ProTools, in my opinion. Not only that Mixcraft is a DAW, it’s also mixing and mastering software too.

I really am trying to educate myself on how to produce my own music better. I want to teach myself mixing and mastering. Do it all on my own. Is it possible? Yes, it’s definitely possible with all these DAW’s and digital recording is huge nowadays. Recording the old way (Analog) is still possible, though. I want to teach myself mixing and mastering ’cause I want my own ideas and my own sound. I’ve educated myself about “clipping” finally and know what that’s all about. Now I got to learn how to mix which shouldn’t be hard and mastering shouldn’t be hard either.

What is my recording process like when recording my own original songs? Well, most recording artists would just record little bits at a time and finish ’em later but I never recorded like that though. When I hit that record button, I keep working until the song is done complete. I record all in one go pretty much. If I can’t come up with another riff, I’ll just make something up and improvise.

I’m now taking producing very seriously and I want to to make the best sounding music. I want to make music as if a professional engineer did the work. Is it possible to teach yourself how to mix and master your own music? Yes, it’s definitely possible. Jimmy Page taught himself how to produce Led Zeppelin music. I don’t think he spent a lot of money on courses. My guess on how Jimmy Page taught himself was that he learned by watching other engineers do the work with his other bands before Zeppelin. With DAW software, it’s definitely possible now. I’ve been teaching myself by reading books, watching youtube videos and things like that.

I’m getting slowly better at producing my own music but still got long ways to go, though. This year, I’m gonna mess around with mixing and mastering through Mixcraft. I just need to get a TRS balanced cable for my speaker monitors and audio interface which I plan to order online soon. I want to practice producing my own music and get good at it.

I want to make an actual album and doing all I can to make that happen. I love recording music and want to get back into it this year.




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