I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on my fitness physique…. online and in the real world which feels nice…

The more you workout and the more you keep at it, the more people will notice and they’ll start to give you nice compliments. I’ve been getting a lot of nice compliments about my body for the last several years which feels really awesome. People give me nice compliments about my physique online and in person. It’s especially even more awesome when people you don’t know well and complete strangers are giving you nice compliments. When I go out in town, I sometimes get people I don’t know saying that I look good.

When you get positive feedback everywhere you go, that’s when you’ll know you’re going somewhere in fitness and bodybuilding. It does feel real nice and makes me feel proud ’cause this is what keeps me going in fitness. The positive feedback can be good motivators. It’s what makes me never want to give up and try to become even more in good shape. It’s part of why I’m going to get even more strict on nutrition which is going good and work out 4 days a week which is also going good. I also started working out a little heavier so I can get more results

I’m not going to lie, though, I got into fitness hoping to get a ripped and really buffed physique. I want the tough guy look and I want to look sexy for the ladies too which is kind of working a little bit. I’m not gonna lie about that either. Yes, women do love muscular guys… don’t let them fool ya.

A lot of people give me positive feedback on my arms mostly. They’re most impressed with my arms ’cause I guess they are pretty big. They don’t feel that big to me but I’ll let other people do the judging. I’m still trying to get more results on the chest. I do kind of want bigger chest pecs like most guys and that’s why I’m hitting the dumbbell presses again instead of the overrated push-ups. I’m gonna stick with dumbbell presses from now on I think ’cause I’m already noticing chest improvement lately.

Some of you may ask, is it possible to get big and muscular naturally? Oh yes, absolutely! As long as you workout hard and eat right most of the time, you’ll reach your goals. Eating right meaning mostly high protein and low carb stuff. Staying away from bad fats and sugars as much as possible. You do all that and you’ll be fine. I want to look kind of similar like Sly Stallone and Dolph Lundgren when I reach their age, lol. If they can do it so can anybody.

I love fitness and bodybuilding, though. I’m never gonna give it up no matter what anybody says. I’m never gonna compete in a bodybuilding competition ’cause I find them silly and they probably won’t let me do it anyway with the scoliosis that I have. I just want the muscular look and to be healthy. That is all.




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