Noticing some development on the pecs finally… how am I doing it?

In the past, I used to avoid lifting weights for pecs and just did chest workouts just using body workouts alone like push-ups mostly. Push-ups are good for pecs yes and they do help, but if you want to get even more definition on the pecs lifting weights are the way to do it. I experimented with barbell bench pressing for a little while, but I love doing dumbbell presses the most, though. I’ve been sticking with dumbbell presses  on the floor for a little over a month now and I’m noticing some real results. I’ve also been doing dumbbell flies too ’cause it’s important to do both the pressing and the squeezing when doing dumbbells for the chest. It’s also important to do regular dumbbell presses and incline dumbbell presses. So I’ve been doing all three for a little over a month now: dumbbell presses on the floor, incline dumbbell bench press and dumbbell flies.

A lot lately, I’ve been noticing some results on my chest pecs. They’re starting to shape up a little bit. I’m noticing my pecs getting slightly bigger too and I am feeling it which is good. I’ve also been lifting heavier weights doing the dumbbell presses and that’s also been helping. For dumbbell flies you don’t need a lot of weight for that as I’ve been doing 25 lbs. on it but for the dumbbell presses, I’ve been doing anywhere from 40 lbs – 45 lbs. Another way that’s been helping my chest development is that yoga has been helping too ’cause yoga is also a full body workout.

I’m getting strict on nutrition again. I’ve been doing a lot of stretching exercises and yoga. I’ve also been doing plenty of cardio too. I’m doing my best to become the best shape of my life. I feel that I already am in great shape but still got a lot of work to do though. I’ve been going to the gym 4 times a week each week which is going good so far. I’m going to stick with that all year round, I think.

I’ll be going on vacation pretty soon later this summer. I’ll be going to Cape Cod; going to the ocean and stuff like that. Can’t wait to walk around the beach shirtless. A lot of people like to workout during the Spring/Summer so they can be beach ready. That’s nice but that’s not exactly what I do this for, though. Fitness is a lifestyle for me. I’m in it for life. I do want to look great for the beach, don’t get me wrong.

It’s good to finally notice some chest definition. I’ll post pics soon to prove it.


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