Dead-lifting, I love it more than ever now!!! I vow to stick with it each week!

When I first started bodybuilding years ago, I experimented with dead-lifting for a little while but then I gave it up for some reason, and now I’m back at it full time. I’ve been sticking with it each week and going to stick with it each week. Some of you may ask, what’s my personal record of dead-lifting? Well, I’m not a super-heavy dead-lifter yet, I’m just taking my slow time and not getting ahead of myself. A lot of men in the gym will have a huge ego and get lifting heavy right away which could explain why so many men in the gym do dead-lift in horrible form. I see a lot of guys in my local YMCA gym do dead-lift in horrible form. Some of them do it good and some of them don’t. So if you’re asking what my personal record in dead-lifting goes, I would say I can lift a dead-lift barbell at 120 lbs. so far. I did that yesterday early morning for my back day. I used the bumper plates and all. For my 120 lbs. dead-lift I lifted for 4 sets and 8 reps. for each set which is pretty damn good.

Ya know, when you get into dead-lifting you have to do it in perfectly good form. If you don’t do it in good form, you’re going to mess up your back and blow it out pretty bad. I’ve been doing dead-lifting for more than several weeks now and been lifting kind of heavy doing them and getting heavier every week. I do my dead-lifts in the best form possible.

How did I teach myself to do the dead-lift? Well, I didn’t have a trainer teach me. I didn’t have a workout partner. So the only way I could learn how the dead-lift workout is by youtube admittedly ’cause there are some great videos that teach you how to do it well.

I remember  a long while back that I made a post that it was “bad to slam” weights down on the floor and I understand why a lot of lifters do it now. With dead-lifting it’s completely okay to slam the weights down when you bring it back down ’cause that’s why they call it the “dead-lift” to begin with, right? I mean, how can you drop a dead-lift quietly? You have to slam it down. That’s how a lot of dead-lifters do it from what I see.

Other than that, the dead-lift is the best workout for sure. I’m loving it. My back is feeling really strong, though. I can see it. My back isn’t injured at all. Sometime I’ll have to upload progress pics of my back ’cause I’m sure my back is more muscular than ever before. I haven’t seen it for myself yet but I will check out my back when I take pics of it. I’ve been doing dead-lifting every week, lat-pull downs and seated cable crossovers.

When you want to have a jacked back, you got to work out all of it. The lats, the middle back and the lower back. I’ve been doing that every week. Lifting kind of heavy on everything too… a little over a hundred pounds ’cause if I lift lighter than that then it would feel light for me. I’ve got to lift heavy so I can lift to failure on the last rep and I’ve been doing that a lot too.

I’m now beginning to think that back day is my favorite workout day, it really is. A lot of people do dead-lifting on leg day ’cause the dead-lift is a major hamstring workout too but I do dead-lifting on back-day and don’t bother doing hamstring workouts on leg day. That’s how I do things.

Yep. My dream is to have a wicked jacked and muscular body. I’m not afraid to say it. I feel I’m already there but still though, I got a lot of work to do. I’m just getting started still.


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