Don’t be afraid to lift heavy as long as you can do it in full range of motion…

Once in a blue moon, someone will get all worried that I lift kind of heavy and stuff at the gym. When this happens, I just laugh. Just know it alls trying to tell me what I should or shouldn’t be doing like usual. That’s what you’re supposed to do in bodybuilding. Lift heavy… they don’t call it “bodybuilding” for no reason, right?

Just to correct one misconception though is that some people think I’m a heavy lifter, well I am sort of but not really. I’m NOT a super heavy lifter. I can’t lift 100 lbs. dumbbells yet. The heaviest I can lift dumbbells when doing chest presses is 55 lbs. That’s my personal record so far. For bicep curls, the heaviest I can lift now is 35 lbs. Any lighter than those would feel pretty light for me. I can do dumbbell flies for about 30 – 35 lbs.

For legs, on the leg press machine, my personal record on that so far is about 170 lbs. I’m able to lift heavy on the leg press machine ’cause why? It’s simply because my quads are so strong I believe the quads has the most muscle.

I can lift moderately heavy if that makes sense but I can’t lift super heavy yet. Nothing wrong with lifting heavy as long you can do the rep in full range of motion. Good form is important. Even though I’m able to lift moderately heavy, I’m able to lift each rep in perfect form. You want to feel that muscle contraction when you lift.

I see so many “ego-lifting” in the gym. All the time. Guys that can’t even lift weights that they can’t even lift which explains why many of them lift in bad form. Ya know, I see a lot of men of all ages swinging the arms and body back and forth in order to get the weight up. I don’t do that… at least I try not to. It is okay to cheat on the last rep, though ’cause I do that sometimes.

What I do is that I just find the weight that is right for me and it seems that I can lift a little heavy after all. I won’t lift weights that I can’t lift and neither should other guys but they do it anyways.

Nothing wrong with lifting heavy ’cause if you lift light all the time, you’ll look like a gym sissy. I don’t want to look like a gym sissy, I want to look like a gym alpha male. Workout with intensity and get those gains. Get more strength. I’m able to lift kind of heavy ’cause I’m getting very strong. I can feel it and it feels good. When you got muscles you got to lift heavy so you can prove to other people that you know what you’re doing.

People are really weird and crazy in the fitness industry so you just got to do your best and ignore them — do your thing. Yeah, I’ve been lifting moderately heavy a lot and I haven’t gotten injured at all. That’s because I use good form and full range of motion. As long as you got that, you won’t get injured.

Don’t be a gym sissy and train like a beast. Ya know, train like how a bodybuilder would train.


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