Yep, ego lifting at the gym is real… just witnessed it a little bit at the gym this morning… it was funny!

At the gym this morning doing leg day, I was doing squats on the smith machine and there was this guy doing cable crossovers on the trainer cable machine next to me. Looks to me he was lifting heavy weights on them. There was at one point, he changed the weights to wicked heavy it looks like. The guy got into position to begin his workout and he couldn’t even get the weight up at all. He kept trying and trying and still couldn’t do it. So what does he do? Instead of giving it up and lowering the weight, he steps his foot back to rest it on the metal part on the back of the cable machine for assistance and he was able to do his reps that way. That’s a perfect example of ego-lifting right there. Other men in the gym not being able to lift a weight but they continue to go for it anyways.

I would have filmed that at the gym and post it all to see but I was too busy doing squats on the smith machine. It was funny to see, though.

While most gym members are good people, you will see some meatheads and egos in the gym for sure. There will be meatheads and egos in all gyms you go to. Doesn’t matter how small of a town you’re in. Some meatheads are gonna wanna be showoffs to everybody and be all big shot that they can lift heavier than everyone else.

Go ahead and lift weights you can’t lift. If you dislocate your shoulder, your weight lifting days could be over for good. It is interesting how guys in the gym think accidents won’t happen when they lift too heavy.



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