What I plan to do to get full six pack abs…

A lot of people believe that getting six pack abs when doing fitness is impossible but actually… it CAN be possible. I got visible abs right now which feels amazing really. I’m not quite there at getting a full six pack but I’m pretty close to it. Last time I measured my body fat percentage a long time ago, it was about 16%. I got to be a little lower than that now ’cause my abs are showing really good now. I do plan on making my body fat a lot lower, though. I’m dying to see what my body fat percentage is at now and I would like to try and find out soon.

Getting six pack abs isn’t hard. Like they all say, “abs are made in the kitchen” which that is 100% truth. You have to eat correctly in order to lose body fat. When you want to burn fat gotta eat in the kitchen. Gotta eat plenty of high protein and low carb meals. Also, avoid high sugary foods, avoid bad fats, simple carbs, processed foods, most dairy products and also avoid high fructose corn syrup like the plague (which I have been doing). Do all that and you’ll be good.

A lot lately I’ve been avoiding most dairy products except for Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese ’cause they are a good source of protein.

You also gotta eat carbs and “good” fats. The carbs you gotta eat are complex carbs which are the healthy carbs you want to go for like fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, whole grains and things like that. I eat as much of that as possible. I also eat as much “good fats” as much as possible too. You can get good fats from stuff like nuts and avocado.

Eating healthy is easy and it’s also easy to find healthy food that is cheap in the grocery store. You don’t need to buy expensive organic food all the time. My nutrition is getting more strict nowadays. Lately, I’ve just been avoiding potato chips, cakes and cookies and things like that. I’ve also given up ice cream completely. From now on, my snacking habits will be all healthy stuff.

I’m not going to avoid junk food completely, though ’cause eating junk food once in a while will help which is something called a “cheat” meal. That’s okay to do on the weekends. Instead of Ice Cream, I’m going to eat Cliff Bars for a snack on the weekends which I have been doing lately. It’s okay to eat some junk food still just in moderation , ya know?

This is what I must do if I want to become really lean. Possibly get below 10% body fat which is my goal is that I need to make my nutrition a lot more strict.

Also to get lower body fat, you gotta do plenty of cardio and do some weight training which I have been doing a lot as well.

I’m doing all I can to get that ripped and buffed look. Become the best of shape of my life. I love what I have now but still got a lot of work to do though. This is only the beginning. It might take me a while longer to get a full six pack but if I keep exercising and keep eating healthy, I’ll get there in no time.

I’m never gonna compete in a bodybuilding competition or whatever ’cause I always found that silly, just my opinion. I just want to look great and that is all.


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