More on the power lifting competition meet I’m doing this coming Friday night…

Earlier today at the gym, I decided to try dead lifting a little heavier today just to see how heavy I’m about to dead lift ’cause it’s a good way to practice the power lifting meet, ya know? I know I’m new to dead lifting and when I got back into it, I started off pretty light and as each week goes by, I try to lift a little heavier. What is my personal record in dead lifting so far? Well I dead lifted 150 lbs for 4 sets and 5 repetitions each which is pretty damn good. I do know that when you’re lifting heavy on dead lifting you don’t really want to do high repetitions… in my opinion, only do around 3 – 5. That’s what my research says.

In power lifting meets, they usually make you do one rep anyways so when I get there at the meet in Albany this Friday, I’m going to try lifting a little heavier than 150 lbs. Maybe go for 160 lbs.

As for my personal record in flat bench pressing, I’m not sure yet. I haven’t done flat bench pressing in a long time. I tried flat bench pressing on the Smith Machine and I’m able to lift 120 lbs. on that but if I did regular bench, I would probably be able to lift less than that. At the gym this week, I’m going try regular bench to see how heavy I can lift on that thing and see what my personal record is and then I’ll try it at the meet this Friday. Hell, maybe I could lift over a 100 lbs on a regular bench too? I’ll give it a shot.

Hell maybe I already am kind of a heavy lifter. I just can’t lift over 200 lbs. yet but I hope to get there someday. Just being patient about it and leaving my ego at the door, ya know? It’s the best attitude to have.

Can’t believe I’m about to do my first power lifting competition. I’m actually very psyched for this and I’m totally ready. I’m just going go in there and kill it and hopefully impress everyone in the room. I’m not nervous at all. I’m just going to go there and show them what I got. A 41 year old man getting into power lifting competitions for the first time is gonna be questionable for some and I’m interested in seeing how they’re gonna treat me there but we’ll see. LOL They’re probably gonna be a little cautious around me at first but they’ll be surprised of what I could do. I train like a monster in the gym.

Can’t wait for Friday night and yes, I’ll film my lifts for all to see!


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