Well, I’m able to dead-lift 200 lbs. after all, just did it this morning!

Just hit the gym first thing early this morning to get back day out of the way. That means it’s dead-lifting day ’cause I do dead-lifting on back day. Here is me in my latest dead-lifting video attempting to do a 200 lbs. dead-lift which was a success as you can see. I thought to myself, “As long as I can dead-lift 190 lbs. easily then why not add another ten?”. So I did just that and it was a piece of cake.

I did pretty good in the form in this one except I could keep the bar a little straighter but other than that, pretty damn good

I’m gonna stick with 200 lbs. as my personal record for a while. Not gonna go above that for a long while. That felt pretty damn good, though.

I never thought I would be a 200 lb. lifter but ya never know, just gotta give it a try. If you can’t lift a heavy dead-lift then don’t do it. That’s gonna be my rule in power-lifting, same for bench and squats.

For bench and squats, I can’t do 200 lbs. yet but gonna make my way there but very slowly. Don’t wanna rush.


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