I didn’t get into powerlifting to win trophies or medals, honestly, I got into it hoping to get more strength…

Leaving a powerlifting contest meet with trophies or medals maybe cool but that’s not exactly what I got into powerlifting for. I got into powerlifting ’cause I wanted to build more strength quicker and I figure powerlifting would be good for that. My plan in life is to do a combination of both powerlifting and bodybuilding. Build more muscle and get more strength.

On the bench press, while I’m able to bench 90 lbs. for one rep… I can’t bench 90 lbs. for 10 – 12 reps yet. I need more strength in order to do that. Doing powerlifting will give me more strength to bench the heavy reps more which is the goal. For now I can bench 70 lbs. for 10 reps and 4 sets each.

I really want to get more strength and hopefully to get bigger in size too. To get bigger in size, I need to eat more. I’m gonna do more research on powerlifting nutrition ’cause I’ll probably have to eat more calories in order to get bigger, though. I’ll still need to eat clean and healthy, eat a lot of protein… just need to eat a lot more probably. There’s a misconception out there that powerlifting doesn’t make you bigger and just gives you more strength and that’s it which I find a bunch of bullshit, really. Weightlifting is weightlifting. No matter how you do it, you always build more muscle and strength.

I’m already am kind of big in size but could be a lot bigger, though. It just takes time to get there and I’m not gonna rush.

Powerlifting comes with a lot of great benefits. Not only does it gives you a lot more strength and makes you feel stronger, it’s also the best fat burner and it gives you more bone strength too.

Thing is a lot of people in my life get worried about all this heavy lifting that I do and some say I shouldn’t over do it and calm down on the weight lifting. They want me to go easy on the lifting, I’m so sick of it! No freakin’ way! I do things my own way in the gym and do whatever the hell I wanna do. Lifting heavy is the name of the game in bodybuilding and powerlifting, ya know? Train like a fuckin’ real lifter. I want to prove the doubters wrong that I can lift heavy and it’s working pretty much… posting all those videos on instagram. People are always telling me to be careful and go easy on the weights but again, no fucking way. I’ve been lifting for like a decade or a little over and there are always people acting like that I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s annoying really, lmao. I just do my own thing and just ignore everybody.

I also got into powerlifting so I can tell how exactly strong I am ’cause I can’t tell my own strength. I’m already am pretty strong really but could get a lot stronger but working on it. I can bench a 100 lbs. and I can deadlift 210 lbs. so I would say that is pretty strong. I even surprise myself.

Another reason I got into powerlifting is ’cause I wanted to get into a sport on a professional level, ya know? Over the years, I couldn’t play sports like baseball, basketball and football ’cause of my scoliosis but weightlifting I can do.

The question is, would I try out other powerlifting competitions around the NY State? Yes, I’m definitely going to try other powerlifting federations but I’ll stick with Albany Strength aka ASPF for now. Would I one day do one of the bigger competitions like some of the ones you see on TV? Who knows. Anything is possible. I only did one powerlifting meet and gonna do more of them hopefully in the future.

I do hope one day to make it on the USA Powerlifting meets at Arnold’s Sports Festival where the big pros do their thing: https://www.arnoldsportsfestival.com/sports-and-events/strength-sports/usa-powerlifting/. That would be pretty cool.

On top of all this, another reason I got into powerlifting is to do something fun, challenging and different. I want to feel like a sportsman and become an athletic person. Powerlifting is amazing. It’s an easy and safe sport too. Doing powerlifting is not dangerous as it looks.



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