To build more strength quicker on bench, squat and deadlift… I think I need to start lifting heavier sets and low reps…

I think what I need to start doing in order to build more strength on bench, squat and deadlift is like the title says… I need to lift heavier weights and do low reps a lot more. I know you’re not going to build more strength by lifting weights that makes you feel comfortable all the time. For example, I always like to go for the 4 sets and 8 – 12 rep. range which will be about moderate weight. That will give you some strength sure but it’s more of a muscle building technique than giving you strength. To get more strength you want to lift the heavier sets for around 1 – 6 reps and that’s what I need to start doing from now on.

You see, I want to build muscle and get more strength at the same time. So I got to mix it up somehow. I have been mixing it up lately.

Usually what I’ve been doing is that I lift the moderate weights for 4 sets and 12 reps first and then I’ll do the heavy set last. I’ll only do that with bench, squats and deadlifts.

I’m going to have change my workout plan around some and figure something out ’cause I’ve been writing things down in a log book lately. What a lot of lifters do is that they pick a week for moderate weights and then they do heavy days the week after. I’m not sure how exactly they do it but I’ll do some research on that.

Another way to get more strength is that I need to boost my nutrition and I have done that. I’ve started eating more instead of less. Usually I eat 4 or 5 meals a day and I think soon, I’ll boost it up to 6 meals a day. Gotta get those calories and lbs. if you want to get bigger and stronger. I don’t want to lose weight, I want to gain but not get fat if you know what I mean.

I was never meant to become a Powerlifter… I just wanted to build muscle and become the best shape of my life. To do bodybuilding and powerlifitng at the same time is kind of challenging and I’ll figure out how to do both. Not only do I want to build muscle and look great, I also want to be strong like a beast too.



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