Natural Bodybuilders can’t get gains? Of course they can! Don’t listen to the bullshit!

This video is freakin’ awesome! I’m sure that you were told that you can’t get muscle “gains” naturally when lifting weights in the gym. If you’ve heard that, don’t listen to the bullshit. It’s just a misconception going around out there. Some will want to doubt you that you can’t build muscle naturally.

This guy on this video explains that you can build muscle naturally and natural bodybuilding exists. Natural bodybuilding may not be well-known but it is out there.

I’ve been lifting weights in the gym for like 10 – 15 years now, somewhere around that. Over the years I’ve gotten some pretty damn good gains. Before I started bodybuilding, I used to weigh 130 lbs. and now I weigh 144 the last time I stepped on the weight scale.

I’m extremely happy with my physique right now. I have pretty big arms, pretty big shoulders, decent size legs, I have low bodyfat and visible six pack. My back is pretty jacked as well. My pecs are improving now since I’ve been bench pressing in the gym every week. My forearms have gotten noticeably bigger too.

I never juiced on steroids. I also don’t mess with supplements and whey protein like I used to. I got the good physique just by training hard with high intensity, eat really clean most of the time and get lots of resting. Do all those three, you can get “gains”. If it worked for me, it can work for you.

I love natural bodybuilding. Natural bodybuilding isn’t well-known ’cause the mainstream fitness industry are still hung up on roided up bodybuilders. You can still get big naturally, though.

I am proud of how my physique is now but still have lots of work to do, though. I feel that I’m finally starting to look like an actual bodybuilder which was my goal all along.



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