15 Facebook stereotypes… are you one of them???

I have been a facebook user for almost like a decade now so I have observed the different types of people that are in there. I’m sure you’ve all seen these things and I’m sure you’ve been guilty of some of them. I know I’ve been guilty of some of them for sure.

Enjoy the list!

  • The one who loves to brag about how great his/her life is: You see this shit everyday on FB. People bragging about how great their life is. We always get women going on and on and on about how great her life is like how she has her own home, her own car and the best boyfriend/husband she could have and blah blah blah. Some men do the same thing brag about their lives. Look, get over your egos ’cause none of us are perfect and neither are you.
  • The gossip & drama queen: You’re definitely going to see plenty of these. You see people gossiping and being a drama queen all the time in FB.  People always calling out other people they don’t like and things like that. Happens all the time. I try to stay out of that stuff as much as I can, though. I just get the popcorn out and enjoy when I see that stuff.
  • The annoying couple who just won’t quit showing their love publicly with each other: Ya get the deal… the annoying couple who are always showing their love to each other all day and every day. It’s obvious they love the attention and try to make others jealous. What’s wrong with keeping your relationship completely private? People don’t believe in that anymore.
  • Mothers who are obsessed with posting pics of their kids and baby pictures: This is still going on and it’s still a problem. I never agreed with this ’cause I think it’s dangerous and not safe but if they wanna do it, that’s their prerogative.
  • Family feuds in FB: I’m sure you’ve seen this as well. People in their own families have drama over facebook and their closest family members want nothing to do with each other anymore. It’s interesting how you lose people you love over drama on FB. I’m sure you’ve seen it everyday and I’m sure you’ve dealt with it too.
  • The one who are always posting pics of their pets: This is also still going on in social networking. I find this completely fine and have no problem with it.
  • Narcissistic women who posts selfies all the time for attention: Yep,  here we go. Women who think they are pretty and they know it so they get obsessed with posting selfies everyday to get attention with men and their female friends.
  • The political activist on both sides: The one who is always talking about politics. I’m pretty much guilty of this one but we all are. Admit it, right? The left and the right are obsessed with talking politics on FB.
  • The gym rat who’s always posting about gym stuff: You’ll see some of this in FB. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a powerlifter or just want to lose weight… you’ll always see people talking about their gym adventures. Posting their working routines, giving people workout advice, always posting workout videos, etc. Yeah, I’m guilty of this one.
  • The one who has no idea how to use FB: There will always be that someone who has no idea how to use facebook at all. That’s why you always see this person getting hacked and getting their accounts phished. Always re-sharing fake giveaways and garbage like those. People are dumb, I tell ya.
  • The angry ranter: You’ll see people like this too. A facebook user who never seems to be happy all the time. Always using facebook to rant in an angry way. They just rant about stuff going on in their lives. I try not to do this ’cause I try my best to use FB positively but sometimes I do rant once in a blue moon.
  • The one who posts everything about his/her personal lives: You’ll definitely see some of these people. The one who is always posting everything about his or her personal life. Everything about their relationship and dating issues and other personal problems they have.
  • The one who is obsessed with “in a relationship” status on FB: It was the same with the old myspace and it continues to be an issue on FB. People always using social network to show their relationship status ’cause they’re obsessed with telling people whether they are taken or not. There are also those who can’t keep a relationship and always in a new one all the freakin’ time. Crazy, man. To me, I don’t give a fuck about “relationship”. Being single is good.
  • The one who is always talking about sports they watch on TV: There’s a lot of sports addicts out there. Always posting about play by play sports while they watch on TV. I’m not a sports guy at all but if other people want to watch them, that’s fine.
  • The one who is obsessed with posting memes and inspirational life quotes: There are always people who shares memes and inspirational life quotes. You know those positive life advice quotes they’re always sharing so people can feel better about themselves? Most of that stuff is bullshit. I only re-share the ones that resonates with me but I try not to go too crazy with that stuff.

Enough said?


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