Just hit new personal record on deadlift at 215 lbs. today… it was brutal but felt really good!

Earlier this morning at the gym, I hit a new personal record on the deadlift. I hit 215 lbs. this time. The last couple of times I attempted 215 lbs. I couldn’t even lift it off the damn floor but this time I got it! Lifting a 215 lbs. deadlift was a bit brutal for me but I was still able to raise the bar and lock it out so it was still a successful lift. Now I know what lifting heavy deadlift is all about.

Yeah, like I said in the past before, the more you lift, the stronger you get and the more your personal records will go up. That’s what powerlifting is all about. I’m getting slightly better at bench and squats too. You just gotta keep lifting and lifting. The more you lift the better you get.

So far, my personal records for deadlift, squats and bench:

deadlift – 215 lbs.

squats – 70 lbs.

bench – 100 lbs.

On bench day which is gonna be on Monday, I’m going to attempt 110 and 115. See if I can get those.

Yeah, I’m taking powerlifting very seriously and wanna do more meets in the future. I’ve just ordered my own powerlifting singlet which should get dropped off here in the mail next week.

There are so many in the fitness industry that wanna knock powerlifting and criticize the sport and I don’t know why. I think powerlifting is fantastic and I love it. If you want to be real strong, powerlifting is the way to go. Yes, powerlifting definitely does help build you muscle even though many claims it doesn’t. Don’t listen to all the critics and all the bullshitters out there. Powerlifting is great and does work.

There’s actually a powerlifting meet at the Wilton Branch YMCA next weekend and I’m definitely thinking about signing up for that one and compete for it. Probably gonna end up doing it!



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