Why I like to do 4 sets of all my workouts nowadays in the gym… I just like “extreme” intensity is all…

In the past, I used to do 3 sets of 10 reps in the gym. Now that I’ve been doing this for years, I’ve decided to bring my sets and reps to the next level by bringing it up to 4 sets on all of my exercises in the gym. How many reps do I usually do for each set? Usually between 8 – 12 reps which is how you want to do it. I figure if I want to get bigger and strong a lot quicker, I workout with extreme intensity.

If you ever get to see me workout in the gym, I workout like a monster. Maybe someday I’ll film myself a live facebook workout day in the gym ’cause I think that would be fun. Just to show you what I do and show you how hard I work in the gym. Seriously, I workout pretty hard which could explain to you why I’m getting bigger in size. The more intense you workout, the bigger you’ll get. I workout pretty heavy in most of my workouts too.

A lot of people just lift weights they can handle easily and do their full sets without failure. Nothing wrong with that but a lot lately I’ve been lifting weights ’til failure in most of my workouts lately and feeling really good. I figure if you want to get bigger and stronger quicker, that’s what you want to do. Workout with “intensity” and train like a bodybuilder. I don’t go easy. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the workout videos I posted on my instagram page so that’s just a hint of what I do.

I just love an intense workout ’cause it feels good and helps get things off of your system. When I say “intense” workout, I mean “intense”… up to a point when you’re lifting, you’re gruntin’ a little bit, breathing kind of hard and almost smilin’ really wide as if you’re clenching your teeth almost. That’s the kind of “intensity” I’m talking about. Train in beast mode. That’s what beast mode training is. Training in beast mode is not going easy.

Yeah, I do lift heavy but I don’t lift heavy where it’s considered “ego” lifting. I only lift the heavy weights that I can do in full range of motion. As long as you can lift a heavy set in full range of motion go ahead and lift heavy. If you lift full 12 reps easily with no trouble at all then you need to go heavy until you can’t lift the final rep. That’s how you should do things.

I have also been experimenting with lifting heavy sets and doing fewer reps like do a real heavy set and do only 3 – 5 reps for more strength. I’ve been doing that a lot too and seems to be working.

You don’t want to go in the gym for nothing. If you’re not feeling warm, sweaty and not  feeling a burn in your muscles then you’re doing something wrong. I like to go all in when I hit the gym. Make going to the gym worth it.

I figured out a way to get more muscle development ’cause you need a full contraction in all of your body parts. Get the full contraction and in full range of motion, you’ll build muscle. Good form is everything. I see too many in the gym workout in horrible form but now I take good form very seriously in all my workouts. Glad I did ’cause if you workout in good form and in full range of motion, you’ll feel much better and you’ll never get injured either.


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