Video: Strength vs. Size workouts… which training is best???


Here’s a great video from the Buff Dudes channel which is my favorite bodybuilding channel in youtube right now. Those guys make really good videos, I love their stuff.

Anyway, in this video this guy compares which training method is best for gaining size… strength training or size workouts (aka hypertrophy training). There’s a big misconception going on out there that doing strength training doesn’t give you muscle gains and I’ve always said it was bullshit. This guy whose name is Brandon of Buff Dudes says that you can gain size in strength training. Strength training means lifting heavy sets and lower reps. Yeah, you can build muscle doing strength training as well like I have been saying.

Brandon says in this video that you should mix it up with both strength training and hypertrophy training and I have been doing both a lot lately. You mix it up with both that way you can gain strength and build muscle at the same time.

The way I do things, I only do strength training with deadlifts, squats and bench. Everything else I do in the gym are nothing but hypertrophy training. This is why I think it’s a pretty good idea to train chest twice a week. 1 day of chest day will be hypertrophy training on dumbbell presses and 2nd day of chest day will be strength training on regular barbell bench. I’ve been doing both for the past couple of weeks and the plan seems to be working for me. Doing dumbbell presses on bench will definitely help skyrocket my personal records for barbell bench. On the barbell bench, I was able to hit 160 lbs. as my personal record on that which I feel proud about. Yeah I’ve been doing both strength training and hypertrophy and I have gotten great results doing both. I feel my chest getting bigger finally and I’m starting to look like a bodybuilder now which was my goal all along.

For strength training on deadlifts, bench and squats I’ve been doing the progressive overload method on those which seems to be working for me. Doing the progressive overload method will also definitely help make you stronger every week. Each week I do deadlifts, bench and squats at the gym, I’m noticing my personal records on those are rapidly increasing each week so I’m definitely getting stronger.

I’m hoping to do another powerlifting meet sometime in 2019 and I’m sure another one at Albany Strength gym will happen pretty soon, I hope. I want to do another one so when I do another one,  I’ll be better than ever.

If you don’t think you can lift heavy, just give it a go and you’ll surprise yourself. That’s what makes strength training a lot of fun. Just keep lifting and you’ll get stronger each time.


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