My chest pecs really have been beefing up lately and it feels amazing!

Yes, I have been noticing a lot lately that my chest pecs muscles really have been beefing up a lot lately. In the past, I used to feel that my pecs were undeveloped and I felt my pecs were my weakest points in bodybuilding. Now I finally figured out how to develop my chest even more. People are always giving me compliments on my physique which I appreciate but big chest pectorals really does go with a great physique. I mean, if everything else on your body looks great but your chest is lagging then you’re doing something wrong.

I’ve learned that when you’re doing chest workouts, you must squeeze the pecs. Full contraction is key to getting bigger pecs. So many guys out there complain that their chest are lagging and you wonder why that is? Is it because they use horrible form? Maybe it’s because they do so much half-repping and partial reps rather than getting a full contraction? That could be it.

When doing squeezing movements with the chest like the dumbbell flies and cable crossovers, you must squeeze the pecs at the top. That’s what I’ve been doing lately is squeezing the pecs and it’s working. When doing pressing movements with the pecs, same thing… full contraction except you’re pressing up. Doing pressing movements like dumbbells and barbell, you don’t want to do half-repping and partial reps with that either. You must press all the way up to get a full contraction.

I look at myself in the mirror with my shirt off and notice the pecs have been improving lately ’cause I’ve been doing both the pressing and squeezing movements. Plus, training chest twice a week is helping also.

I want to look great wearing a t-shirt where my pecs really stick out.

I’m planning to post new progress pics of me shirtless so I can show you that I’m not making it up. Maybe you’ll even agree that my chest is improving. I know it’s improving ’cause I’m feeling my chest getting bigger. I’m feeling a lot stronger too which feels amazing.

In the past, I ‘ve struggled to get bigger pecs and now I’ve finally figured it out after all this time. Remember, full contraction. Really squeezing the pecs really works. It doesn’t really matter how you do cable crossovers or dumbbell flies, as long as you’re squeezing the pecs and getting the full contraction, that’s the only thing that matters.


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