People with cell phones ruining the excitement of live concerts? I would say so yes…

This video blogger who goes by the name of Vic Dibitetto is an awesome guy and he’s entertaining as hell to watch too. I just love the way he rants. I know how a lot of vloggers love to rant on video but when you want to rant and be angry about something you have to act like it. This Vic Dibitetto does the best job at ranting on video and he’s not afraid to show how pissed off he is. Most vloggers who rant on video are always weak and not angry enough. I guess this is the reason this guy is going viral on the internet ’cause people find his angry ranting entertaining. I’ve only watched a few of his videos on facebook and he nails it every time, though. He’s right on everything he says and that’s another reason this guy is getting popular fast.

Anyhow, I agree with him that cell phones are a huge problem at live shows and music concerts. I haven’t been to a national concert in a long long time. Last time I went to a live concert was before cell phones became a problem. Nowadays, all you see at concerts are people sticking cell phones in the air instead of just enjoying the music.

In the past before the cell phone craze, people would stand at concerts, dancing and swaying their hands back and forth enjoying the music but now all you see are people with cell phones in the air. Really sad what the world is coming to. I don’t own a cell phone and I’m beginning to be glad I don’t even use a Smart phone or an Iphone. If I want to film something or take a picture of something for my Instagram/FB or whatever I use my Ipod or my Ipad.

This technology stuff is getting unreal for sure.


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