Why a lot of famous rock bands and artists have been creating their own alcohol brands and selling them…

Have you noticed a new trend going on in the music industry? Yep, that’s right… a lot of famous rock bands and artists releasing their own brand of booze and selling them. Lately, everybody in the rock industry are doing it… selling their own alcohol brand… releasing their own beer, whiskey, wine and other hard liquor with their band name on the product. A lot more bands and artists have been joining the band wagon. Selling their own booze to their fans.

Which bands and artists have been doing this? Well at the top of my head, Megadeth came out with their own beer. Now Iron Maiden and Metallica just joined the bandwagon. I believe Motorhead just released their own whiskey. Other bands that have joined the bandwagon are Mastodon, Opeth, Ac/Dc, Sammy Hagar, Deftones, Anthrax, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, etc. The list can keep going and going.

This is a new thing going on in the industry lately ’cause simply put, alcohol is a huge seller in America. I think bands just see this as an opportunity as a huge money maker ’cause they know alcohol sells well in America. I believe bands feel that they aren’t making enough money with their music careers by the record labels so bands figure out other ways to keep money flowing in their banks like with their merchandise, VIP packages and now you can add booze to the list.

I’ve been noticing this growing trend lately and I’m sure you have too. I’m sure many of these bands that sell booze to their fanbase are not alcohol drinkers anymore and recovering alcoholics, they just sell their own booze brands as a way to make more money. Bands selling their own booze brands are nothing but a big cash grab obviously.

It’s crazy. I’ve noticed all of these iconic rock bands spending lesser time in the studio and spending more time releasing their own booze brands. You’re going to continue to keep seeing this growing trend. Booze is a huge seller in America ’cause that’s all people want to do these days is drink.

I’m no longer an alcohol drinker myself. I used to be an occasional drinker but I had to stop since I got into weightlifting. We now live in an age where being a drunk is now accepted in America. I don’t drink but if other people want to, that’s their business, not mine.


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