My Top 10 Best Movies of 2018…

Finally, here are my choices for top 10 Best Movies of 2018. Every year I would do a Top 15 but I think it’ll be a top 10 from now on.

Here is what makes the list… I’ll name 10 titles, explain why and will post the trailer for each film…


10. Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado

(I really liked the first Sicario movie a lot and was actually excited when the second was gonna be in the works. Now the movie is here, I thought the 2nd one was way better than the first. It’s very rare when a sequel is better than the first one. The second Sicario “Day of the Soldado” was more darker and more violent than the first. Plus, the performances of Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin were pretty great. I was most impressed with Benicio Del Toro though as that guy is a badass in these movies. This is Del Toro’s best role and I’m already looking forward to Sicario 3.)

9. Hereditary

(Probably one of the best new horror films I’ve seen in a long time. It was actually pretty scary and it’s the way today’s film should be made. The story to this movie had some unpredictability and some interesting twists and turns. This movie will keep you glued to the screen for sure. It’s a short film but still very very good. I need to add this one to my BluRay collection at some point.)

8. Mission Impossible: Fallout

(I’ve been a huge M:I fan ever since the first one and I still enjoy every M:I film but M:I “Fallout” is definitely the best one so far. They keep getting better with the action scenes and  the writing keeps getting better too. I love the M:I series and I think they’re fun movies. Once again, I respect Tom Cruise for doing his own stunts in these movies and that’s one of the reasons why I keep watching ’em.)

7. Annihilation

(Probably one of the best sci-fi and horror films I’ve seen in a long time. Writing was interesting and different. Natalie Portman gave a great performance as well. This is an Alex Garland directed film so it’s no surprise that this would be a good one. That’s the same guy that directed “Ex Machina”. I gotta add this one to my BluRay collection at some point.)

6. A Star Is Born

(Some would call  me crazy for wanting to see this one but I actually went and saw this one in the theater and loved it. I’m not into romantic movies that much but this movie had an interesting script. Plus, you can’t help but love Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in this film as they both delivered great performances. The music was really good in it too.)

5. Avengers: Infinity War

(Definitely one of the best superhero films of the year. I was so impressed with this movie that it had to be in the top 5. The Avengers movies seems to be getting better every film. My only disappointment was that I wish that Loki could have been in it longer but other than that, this was an amazing film. Definitely one of those films  you can watch repeatedly. Can’t wait for Avengers 4!)

4. Bohemian Rhapsody

(I’ve been interested in this film ever since Queen and the film industry were talking about doing a biopic about Freddie Mercury. Now that the film is here, I was blown away. They did a great job with this film. I was interested in this film ’cause I’m a huge Queen fan. It was beautifully filmed, the direction was great and the whole cast did a great job at the acting. Definitely one of the best music biopics out there.)

3. Aquaman

(Another superhero film that I thought was the best ever of this year. Usually I hate movies full of CGI but this movie blew me away. It was actually a very impressive film. I wasn’t bored one bit throughout this movie. James Wan did a great job directing his first superhero film. This film had to be high on the list and I’m definitely getting the BluRay when it comes out.)

2. Creed II

(Yep, “Creed II” definitely had to be pretty high on the list. Definitely the best Rocky film since the first one for sure and this film was a much improvement than the first Creed movie. I’m usually not a fan of Michael B. Jordan as an actor but he was actually enjoyable this time. His acting is improving, I think. Sylvester Stallone kills it like he always does. It’s a wonderful movie. Can’t wait for the BluRay.)

1. Green Book

(“Green Book” would be my favorite movie of the year ’cause they don’t make serious movies like that anymore. I really was impressed with the movie. It was enjoyable and a heartfelt movie and powerful. Great performances by everyone in it and I think it’s gonna get some Oscar nominations. This movie made me a fan of Mahershala Ali and I think I want to start watching HBO’s “True Detective” pretty soon ’cause of him.)


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