10 Reasons The Local Musicians community isn’t always enjoyable…

There are some music lovers that want to believe the local music community is wonderful, positive and enjoyable to be a part of but not always. As someone who has been a part of the local musician’s community for a little over a decade, you will experience some negatives and positives. There will always be ups and downs for sure. Knowing from my own experience of being a part of the local musician’s community, I can tell you for sure that it’s not always going to be positive.

Why? I’m about to explain 10 reasons why being a part of the local musicians community/scene is not always a positive experience. Here are those 10 reasons in no particular order, these are just some signs to watch out for:

  • A lot of musicians have massive egos: This is true. Throughout the years of my life as a musician, I’ve seen many other local musicians around here who have massive egos. I’m not gonna name names but you will meet plenty of musicians who think they are bigger and more special than others. You will meet plenty of musicians who will jerk themselves off on their successes and jerk themselves off over their playing ability. You’ll meet plenty of musicians who are arrogant, stuck-up and can act like a bunch of prima-donnas. There will be plenty of those for sure. I know not all musicians are egomaniacs, it’s very rare that you’ll come across someone who is humble and isn’t full of themselves. Many musicians really do think they’re important. Too many musicians around here think they’re rock stars and too many want to chase super stardom which I think is sad.
  • Musicians with unprofessional attitudes: You’ll see musicians with plenty of these too. Ya know, musicians who are always impolite, rude and negative most of the time. You will meet plenty of musicians who aren’t very nice and that’s the way it is.
  • Some musicians will always be critical of you: You’ll see plenty of musicians around the musicians community who think they are a music critic. If they don’t like the way you play and if they don’t like your songwriting, they won’t be afraid to say it out loud. If you’re going to be a part of the local musician’s community, you’ll have to expect some Simon Cowell wannabe critics out there. Be aware of some nasty reviews that are aimed at your playing and your music.
  • Some musicians can be untrustworthy people: You will deal with a lot of backstabbing and drama for sure. A lot of musicians will be using you and will try to ride your coattails and stuff. If you become friendly with a musician, this musician could be a secret hater of you so be careful. You can’t trust anyone in the musician’s community just like you can’t trust anyone anywhere!  You’re definitely not gonna get along with everyone. That’s just the way it is.
  • Many musicians are wild party animals: There are a lot of heavy drinking musicians out there and there might be some drugs going around too. A lot of musicians can be a bunch of drunks at the gigs and it’s always not a good thing. There will be many musicians out there thinking music is all about partying hard and it doesn’t always have to be.
  • Musician’s can be one cliquey community: If you think high schools and colleges can be pretty “cliquey”, the musicians community can be just as bad. Musicians around here will make you feel left out if they feel that you don’t belong. For example, if they feel that if you’re not a professional enough musician, they’ll make you feel like an “amateur” and I’ve definitely gone through this. If you’re not cool enough and not a good musician then be ready to be feel left out ’cause you will feel that a lot.
  • It can be difficult to get recognized as a musician and get your music: heard: Yes, it can be quite a challenge to get recognized as a musician and it’s hard to try and earn respect around here in the musician’s community for sure. You work extremely hard on your music and you’re proud of the music you make. You put it out there and promote it as hard it as possible and all of a sudden, no one cares. I know the feeling and admittedly it hurts. You send your music out to promoters, bloggers and local music websites only to get ignored by most of them. I know the feeling and I’ve gone through this. You also try to get support of your music from other musicians as well. They know that you’re a musician but many of them just don’t seem to care about your music. I know this feeling.
  • Music scene can be too political, most musicians are very “liberal” and they can be a bunch of snowflakes: I’ve had too many musicians and too many promoters refusing to support me and my music ’cause of my conservative views. I can’t count how many times musicians around here refused to add me/follow me in social networking ’cause of my conservative views. The music community like to go around saying, “Support All Local Music” but that’s kind of hard to do when they’re always hating each other over political views. Yeah, I love supporting musicians and bands too. I’m willing to support them even if they are pretty liberal. We really need to keep politics out of music but they’ll never learn.
  • The internet and social media can sometimes be hurtful to musicians: The internet and social media is not always a great thing for musicians. You could get your reputation destroyed if you’re not careful on how to use the internet. I definitely know the feeling. Over the years of my life through the musician’s community, I’ve been a victim of internet trolls, cyberbullies and haters. I still have that problem today but I’ve gotten much better at ignoring the trolls.
  • Be ready to get rejected a lot when you submit your music for reviews, interviews, get some press and even getting some gigs: Another downside of being a part of a musician’s community is that you’re gonna get rejected a lot. When you submit your music to get reviewed, get interviews for radio, get some local press and even get some gigs… you might just get ignored. I’ve been there. When you’re trying to get actual gigs at venues and if you try to get on a slot with other band shows, you gotta get ready whether or not they’ll accept you. I’ve been rejected too many times. It’s pretty tough to get your music some attention in the scene. If you get rejected then you just gotta ignore it, move on and keep moving forward ’cause that’s all you can do.

Well, there you have it, y’all. Hope you enjoy the read. If not, I don’t give a fuck.


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