Next week will be max out “pr” week on the big three lifts… getting ready for powerlifting meet on March 30th…

Now that this week is over, next week I’m planning on maxing out on the bench, squat and deadlift so I can find out my latest pr’s on those three lifts. I have a powerlifting meet coming on March 30th at a local gym at Albany Strength XXXL in Albany, N.Y. I sent in my registration and entry fee so I’m all set to compete that day and I’m definitely gonna do it. I’m really stoked to do my third powerlifting meet ’cause my numbers will be slightly bigger than the first two meets.

Next week when I hit the gym, I’m going to practice all 3 attempts for the big three lifts. At powerlifting meets, they make you lift three times for the big three so I gotta choose my numbers carefully and wisely and I will. I want to make sure I get three white lights on everything. When you watch powerlifting meets the lights represents the judges. If you get three white lights on a lift, the lift is perfect. If you get one red light and two white lights, the lift is still good. If you get three red lights then the lift is bad and that number won’t count. That’s how powerlifting goes. The judges makes the decisions on whether or not the lift is good. I love powerlifting meets ’cause they are honest and if you do a bad lift that can teach you a pretty good lesson. That’s what powerlifting is all about, improving your technique.

Earlier today at the gym, it was deadlifting day. While I did not test out my pr today, I did do one heavy single at 285 lbs. which was pretty easy. If I can do an easy 285 lbs., that means I could probably lift way more. I could probably smash a 300 lb. deadlift pretty well and that’s the goal that I hope to achieve on March 30th.

On March 30th, I hope to deliver a pretty good score and maybe I could win an actual trophy, haha. I want March 30th to be my best day and I’m doing all I can. I know I’m getting stronger on the big three lifts so I know I should do well on March 30th. My goal is to not disappoint at all and I won’t. Trust me.

Yes, I will be filming all my attempts that day so you can all see ’cause I’m gonna bring my Ipad to have someone else film me lifting.

I’m pretty sure I can smash a 300 lb. deadlift again ’cause lifting that 285 lb. felt easy and I felt like I could do more. Maybe I can do more than 300 lbs., who knows? I’ll give it a shot next weekend when deadlifting day comes!!! Maybe I can smash a 305 or a 310???

I love deadlifting. I’m beginning to love benching and squats more too. These workouts really are the kings of all workouts. Those who have negative opinions on them just don’t know what they’re talking about.

I hope to thrill the audience on March 30th and it’s going to be a great day. I’m not nervous at all as I know I’m going to do well and go in there and kill it.


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