Bands & artists releasing music constantly… a good thing??? No absolutely not!

This blog at ReverbNation came up in my inbox and I decided to give it a read and share it here. There are so many bands & solo artists whether you’re a signed or unsigned artist, releasing music constantly. There are bands and artists releasing a new studio album year after year and there are bands always releasing “singles”.

I have noticed this trend in the musician’s community as of late. Is releasing music on a constant basis a good thing? No. Not really.

I understand that bands & artists need to engage their fanbase and keep their fans by releasing music all the time but it is not always a good thing to do. Read this blog and find out why. This blog brings up some pretty good points that I agree with.

You don’t really need to release new music year after year as I honestly find it annoying when bands do that. Some bands release a new album or a singles EP constantly ’cause they are worried about losing their fanbase if they don’t release anything. Well, don’t worry about losing your fanbase ’cause your fans will stay loyal to you even if you haven’t released music in a long long time. They will still support you no matter what.

I think, always releasing music year after year will make your music much worse and that’s true most of the time. It don’t hurt to take your slow time making an album to make sure it won’t suck, ya know? There’s no need to rush to make new music. Some bands will wait 5 – 7 years to release an album in between and that’s smart, in my opinion.

Some of you may notice that I don’t release new music all the time and I’m okay with that. I used to put out new music all the time in the past but most of my past songs aren’t good. Only release new music when you feel the time is right. Take your time and only release your best work. From now on, I’m only going to release songs that I know that I’m completely happy with 100%.

The article above also brings up other good points that releasing music all the time can hurt some chances of getting some media and press. It can also help turn fans away and doesn’t give you as much success as you would hope to.

In my opinion, bands releasing new music all the time screams “desperation” and it’s kind of arrogant. They just want to stay in the center of your attention and it screams “ego” for sure. Ramming your music down people’s throats isn’t always a good thing so be careful, y’all!



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