I’m definitely thinking about buying a bass guitar… probably this year…

For a long while, I’ve contemplated on buying an electric bass guitar and I think I’m actually gonna do it this year. I’m gonna get one this Spring, I think and I’m probably gonna do it. Why do I want to get a bass guitar? Well, when I record electric guitar rock songs, I’m gonna want to create my own bass lines to back up the songs with. Ya know, be a one man band kind of thing. I want to soon start writing full band rock music.

I’ve been teaching myself timing and rhythm. Practicing rhythm with a metronome and stuff. I’ve also been teaching myself digital drums and programming and things like that. With Acoustica Mixcraft DAW, I can easily create drum tracks with that software. With that software I could add MIDI bass tracks to it but I think it’ll sound even better with a real bass guitar, though. This is why I’m gonna buy a real bass guitar.

I’ve never played bass in my life before but you have already been playing guitar for many years then you already know a great deal of bass guitar. Both guitar and bass are pretty much the same thing. When I get my own bass guitar, I can easily create bass lines behind my rock songs. Even though I never played bass before, I can learn how to play it quickly and easily.

When I make my own full band rock music creating a rhythm section for my songs shouldn’t be all that complicated ’cause my music is not all that complex. I’m not gonna be playing complex prog music like Dream Theater or Iron Maiden. I’m gonna be playing just regular hard rock with the likes of Led Zep, Ac/Dc, Sabbath and Metallica. I’ll be writing original rock songs, of course. Playing bass guitar along with my rhythm guitar shouldn’t be that hard so I should do fine. To make a good rhythm section and good groove, the key is you have to lock in the bass with the drums.

I’ve been wanting to make my own full band rock music for years and I just say, “fuck it, just get myself a real bass guitar”. That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m not gonna buy myself a real expensive bass. I’m only going to buy one around $150 – $200 price range. I’m probably gonna buy an Ibanez bass that would cost like $179. Sometime after that, I’ll buy myself a small bass practice amp.

Another reason why I want to get a bass guitar is just for something different, ya know? I just want to play a different instrument just for fun. I’ve always wanted to get into bass anyways. I just like the sound.

I want to make a full band rock n’ roll album and I think getting a real bass guitar would be easier. I’m planning on making an album that really rocks hard. Big riffs, headbanging rhythm, long guitar solos, etc. You get the deal.

Some of you may ask, “Why don’t you just get another musician who plays bass?” I could but there aren’t many bass players out there and I don’t know if there are any bass players out there willing to play on my music. I’m just gonna do it all myself, I think.

Will I bring any of my old songs back into full band versions? I might bring a few of them back ’cause I’ve written a few songs that were meant to be full band rock songs and I probably will end up bringing a few back. I don’t want to bring too much of my old songs back ’cause I really want to be moving forward with new material, ya know? I want to see if I still got it in songwriting and want to see if I can still write new stuff instead of going backwards. I’m planning on getting back into songwriting ’cause I’m itching for new stuff and miss it.


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