T-Nation article… 7 gym gym rules never to break… but sadly people break ’em anyways…

This is a great article on T-Nation which a great fitness/bodybuilding site that is popular online. In this article, it lists 7 rules to never break and they’re all good ones too. Sadly, I see people break them all the time especially 1, 2, and 4.

Check out the opinion piece article here:


My thoughts on No. 1, “Don’t Perv On Women”…

I do talk to women at times at the gym but I’m not there to hit on them or pick up dates. I respect the women’s time at the gym. Usually when I talk to a woman it’s just a quick “Hello, how are you” and that’s probably about it.

At the gym, I see guys chatting it up with the ladies all the time. It’s amazing to me how long they talk to each other especially in the weight room. They talk so long in between sets and it’s a waste of time for your muscles and your body. It’s not good to take really long rests in between your sets and that becomes a huge problem when people chat it up for so long. I see guys walking up to some random woman to chat her up all the time even when she’s working out! Crazy! I don’t use the gym to hit on the ladies. I go to the gym to get a good workout in and then I’m done.

Thoughts on No. 2, “Don’t Share Your Training Wisdom”…

Getting unsolicited advice seems to be a big problem and I’ve gotten that before. When people thought I was in trouble lifting weights, some meatheads would try to come over to save the day when I knew what I was doing. For example, I was benching 1 rep maxes by myself with no spotter but with these benches at my local gym, you don’t really need a spotter ’cause they have these side arms or safety arms whatever you want to call them. I missed a bench lift and some dude would try and come over and play “hero” to save me but I set the bar on the safeties and nothing happened to me. The dude thought I was gonna kill myself on the bench or something but I knew what I was doing. That’s what the safety arms on the bench are for, some people don’t realize that. I think they were built on there so you can bench alone without a spotter. This happened a couple of times when a dude was trying to save me from a missed bench when benching alone. I knew what I was doing and some dudes just want to play “hero” in the gym and nothing more. I appreciate them looking after me and looking out for my well-being, but dude, what they do is really rude. I do get a spotter when I think I’m in absolute need of one, though. I know what I’m doing when benching by myself and there are gonna be a few idiots that think I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m starting to bench in the squat rack more, though.

Thoughts on No. 4., “Pick Up Your Shit”…

Oh yeah, I hear this one. People leave weights on the floors and on equipment after they’re done and it’s annoying that people don’t pick up after themselves. It pisses me off really. Sometimes I have no choice but to go around the gym putting weights back to where they belong even if I didn’t use them just to be nice and respectful to the gym. Going to the gym maybe fun and all but there will be all kinds of inconsiderate jackasses in the gym too. People don’t put the weights back, they leave trash behind and all that stuff. Crazy.

Gym etiquette is a real problem at gyms lately and it continues to get worse. In the old days, we used to go to the gym to get away from annoying people but now annoying people are all over gyms. Real sad!


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