“The Brock’s Videoblog: My Story – Part 1” will be released to the internet this Thursday…

I’ve watched “The Brock’s Videoblog: My Story – Part 1” several times over the weekend. Just finished editing it, the way I wanted it and it came out beautifully. Ya know, when making your own videoblogs, documentaries and even short films… you don’t need expensive and fancy equipment. All you need is an Ipad and Ipod/Iphone with a good camera on them and maybe an HD handheld digital videocamera and you’ll be all set. You also don’t need to spend a couple of hundred dollars on expensive video making software too. You can get decent video making software or apps that would cost around $15 – $50. You can make Hollywood-like movies through affordable video making software/apps nowadays.

I’m very proud of this videoblog and I will release it this coming Thursday. First thing I’ll do when I wake up Thursday morning, I’ll upload it for the internet. I’ll release it for both Facebook and youtube. Yeah, I finally decided that I would make a return to youtube after all. After a long hiatus from youtube, I think I’ll return full time.

I’m hoping it’ll get a lot of views and maybe it could go viral if lucky enough but we’ll see what happens. Looking forward for you all to see it. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time really.


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