Filmed some footage on my JVC Everio handheld digital camera today but…

… I think I definitely need new movie making software for the PC if I want to film stuff with the handheld camera. My computer came with Power Director movie maker for free but when I tried to take movies off the camera and import them into Power Director 15, I can see video but no audio. Why is it that I can see video and no audio? It’s because Power Director doesn’t have AC3 audio formats. Which kind of sucks ’cause I spent hours and hours trying to figure out why it had no audio but that’s because Power Director doesn’t have AC3 codecs in audio. I figured out another way to get audio on video. I figured out a work-around by using Mixcrat 8 music recording DAW which is also video making software. What I did was saved the audio on the video into a .wav file and and put the .MOD movie both together in Power Director so I can successfully convert into Mpeg which worked great. It takes a lot longer to do it this way but I definitely need to buy new movie making software this year that supports AC3 audio and I’ve read that Pinnacle Studio 22 definitely does. Like I said, later this year, I’m definitely am planning on buying Pinnacle 22 for the PC so I can import and convert videos quickly and easily.

I’ve had this JVC Everio camera for almost 10 years now and I knew I couldn’t use the old software that came with the video camera anymore since this computer is pretty new. While I love technology and computers, it can get annoying and frustrating after a while.

I want to continue to make video blogs and that’s the goal, ya know? Power Director from Microsoft pretty much sucks anyways. I think Pinnacle Studio is the best movie making software out there so I think I’ll stick with using Pinnacle.


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