Finished “My Story – Part 2” over the weekend and it came out real nice… real proud of it… will be released online this Thursday…

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Part 2 of "My Story" is coming this Thursday.

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So I finished “My Story – Part 2” just by using the free edition of “Power Director 17”. The software worked really great. Not bad for software that is completely free ’cause it has all the effects and features that I needed for it. So say goodbye to Pinnacle Studio and hello to Power Director. Power Director for the PC is actually pretty nice software. I don’t really need to get the full paid version aka the Ultra Edition but I’ll still get the Ultra Edition sometime this year, maybe this summer. For now, I’ll keep using the free version. The free version is good enough.

“My Story – Part 2” will come out this Thursday. You might like this one more than the first one ’cause Part 2 will have plenty of footage of the powerlifting meet.


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