Is the local musicians community a toxic community? Yes, it always has been and always will be…

Some of you may wonder why I always have negative feelings toward the local musicians community and toward the music scene itself. Well, I don’t have negative feelings toward the local musicians community for no reason. I’ve been a part of the musicians community for like a decade or a little over. So I’ve experienced a lot of what goes on over the years… some good and some bad.

A lot of people like to make the mistake that the musicians community is a positive community. People mistakenly believe that the community is fun and all musicians are good people. Well, I’m about to give you a major truth bomb, y’all.

The local musicians community isn’t always a positive experience. All I’ve experienced over the years in the musicians community is nothing but negativity, lots of egotism and so much drama. The community can also be pretty cliquey as well. Not all musicians are the same. They’re all different. Yeah, you will meet some nice musicians… there can be some pretty nice ones out there but not always. In the music scene, you’ll also meet some egotistical attention whores and you’ll meet a lot of douchebags and assholes.

One thing that I’ve learned through the musicians community is that you can’t be trusting everyone. I made the mistake of trusting everyone too easily in the musician’s community and I’ve gotten much better at not giving a fuck about everyone anymore. The scene might be cool to be making friends with other musicians but I don’t really care to make friends with other musicians anymore. I’ve made friends with musicians in the past but many of them turned on me, stabbed me in the back and I don’t speak to a lot of them anymore. Some people would think it’s my fault and some may think I brought it upon myself and burnt too many bridges but not really. When will people realize and wake up that some musicians can be real douchebags out there? I’ve had musicians who I thought were big supporters of mine but now a lot of them turned into haters and enemies.

Interesting on how a lot of this is. Some people wonder why I talk about the musicians community in this way, well… I’m just doing my best to wake people up more and hopefully try to give people the red pill about what the music scene really is.

If you’re a musician, you just got to realize that not everyone is going to like you and you won’t get along with everyone either. You just gotta stay above this stuff and only focus on you and your own music. Not worry about everyone else. You need to be focusing on your own dreams and goals. You want to grow your own fan following. You don’t want musicians supporting your music anyways ’cause it isn’t good really. You want non-musicians to be supporting your music is what I mean.

Some of you may ask, why would some musicians turn on you when they supported you in the past? Is it you that they don’t like? No, I don’t think it’s you at all. I think musicians turn on you and stab you in the back for maybe a few reasons: 1) You’re doing stuff with your music while they aren’t 2) They know you’re more talented than them.

Why would other musicians hate you and not get along with you? Well, not only ego and jealousy is a huge part of that but there’s more. The music scene online and offline is a pretty cliquey scene, ya know? They’ll hate you if they feel that you’re not talented enough. I’ve experienced this a lot. I’ve had musicians harshly criticize my music in the past and they felt like I didn’t belong ’cause they felt I wasn’t “professional” or “established” enough like they are. They’ll make you feel left out for those reasons. I think these could be the reasons why I have a tough time getting along with some out there. If you’re not talented enough, these musicians will feel more superior than you.

On top of all this, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing when musicians dislike you. It means that you are probably a good musician and you’re doing good stuff with your music. So let ’em hate and don’t worry about it. Just ignore ’em and fuck everyone, ya know? That’s my attitude. While I do have a lot of musicians as haters, though, despite all that… I’ve got some pretty loyal musicians who stayed supportive to me even to this day and they never turned on me at all which is awesome. The more haters you get, the more supporters you’ll get too so don’t worry about it if they don’t want to like you anymore. Just keep making your music and that’s all you need to worry about and nothing else.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I do love live bands and I love other local musicians but gotta be in red pill mode and be realistic about everything, ya know? Nothing wrong with that and it’s a good attitude to have.



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