Sly Stallone shares behind the scenes footage of “Rambo: Last Blood”, they use lowbudget handheld cameras like in “First Blood”…

Sly Stallone dropped this cool behind the scenes footage on his instagram page. Showing some scenes from “Rambo: Last Blood” and it shows them using smaller handheld cameras like they used in the first Rambo film. Very cool.

As you can see, there’s a scene where Rambo is shooting a machine gun. Yep, I just knew that Rambo would be shooting machine guns again for this film. Rambo may have cut his hair for this one but the only thing that hasn’t changed is the violent Rambo. Despite the short hair, we’re still gonna get the same Rambo we’ve always had.

Not too worry, Rambo fans. “Rambo: Last Blood” will be an action packed and violent movie like Sly’s been promising. He won’t disappoint us at all and will make ALL Rambo fans happy.

I can’t wait to see this one in Sept.!


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