Truth bomb: Are local musicians in your scene a bunch of narcissists? Yes, they most definitely are!!!

Here’s another shocking truth bomb that many of you I know will call “bullshit” but it’s true. Knowing from my own experience of dealing with local musicians over the years, most of them don’t really care about you. Most of them only care about themselves really. You want to know why a lot of musicians around the scene are friendly with other musicians and sharing gigs with others and all that stuff? It’s because musicians will only like you if you do stuff for them. Like, if you give them positive feedback on their playing, buy their music or go see a show of theirs that’s when they’ll be all over you, but at the end of the day… they don’t give a flying fuck about you. You may support them but many of them will not support you in return knowing from my own experience.

A lot of people make the mistake that a lot of musicians out there in your scene are good people and a bunch of sweethearts. Um, no. Like I said in a post before, not all of them are gonna be good people. Some of them will be but from what I’ve experienced throughout the years of my life in the music scene, most musicians around here are nothing but flat-out douchebags. Like I said in a post before, you can’t really trust a lot of them. You will meet musicians with many different personalities. Yes, you will meet some musicians out there who can be good people and sweethearts but you will always meet some that have many different personalities. You will meet musicians who can be real jerks… a lot of them can have short temper problems. You will meet egomaniacs, attention whores and you will meet musicians who are really weird.

There will be a lot of musicians out there who only accepts positive feedback about their playing and their music. If you give them any criticism of any kind or disagreements of any kind, they can be all defensive. Maybe that’s a part of why a lot of them hate me ’cause they don’t like that I can disagree with them.

A lot of musicians in your local scene like to promote themselves as if they are rock stars when they are not and that has always been a problem for years. It still is a problem and it’s even worse now with all this social media stuff going on with bands. Yeah, I understand they use social media as a way to promote your band but acting like a rock star when doing it is wrong, in my opinion.

Some of you may ask, how do local bands act like rock stars when promoting themselves on social media? Hmmmm… let me give you some examples: announcing tour dates (even when the shows are all local they still call them tours), announcing release dates for their records, releasing singles, having a merchandise section on the band’s websites (sell t-shirts, posters, etc.), bands & artists being mostly about themselves instead of engaging with the fans, etc. I can go on all day. You don’t need to promote yourself that way and I never did.

So many live in rock star fantasy land. It’s pretty crazy, ya know?

I never took myself seriously as a musician. If I wrote a demo or a song, I’ll just release it. When I promote myself on social media, I like to be more engaging with people and actually talking with everyone and replying to everyone. I just want to make music and play. That’s all I want to do. I’m an unsigned musician and I act like it. Even though I am an unsigned musician, I don’t pretend that I’m a signed artists like so many local musicians do around here. That’s the rock star wannabe, I’m talking about. What’s even worse with “local bands” acting like rock stars is that a lot of them have managers and booking agents when you don’t need either one of those.

The reason why so many unsigned bands pretend to be “signed” bands is ’cause they think they’re entitled to success and recognition. That’s why you see many of them going off about their successes and accolades in front of their fanbase. Many of them just don’t let the music speak on it’s own and they think success/recognition will fall in their lap. Either that or many of them already think they’ve been established in the scene when they are not really.

I don’t see myself as a professional musician or a rock star and never did. I just want to play, play, play and that’s all. Just play, rock out and have fun. I just want to do like what everyone else is doing is playing music.

No doubt that a lot of musicians are big narcissists and I’ve been saying it for years. I’ve had too many musicians who got so hell-bent on destroying me and had many refusing to talk to me ’cause of my “right-wing” views in politics. This is not good for the scene and it’s getting worse. I’m sure many of them still hate me but I don’t give a shit, ya know? Life is real good. I’m still playing the guitar, singing and focused on powerlifting. Life is great.






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