Writing hard rock songs on electric guitar, I believe I can do it!!!

I have always wanted to write hard rock songs on an electric guitar and I will very soon. For right now, I’m just still trying to hone my rhythm guitar and lead guitar chops. To play hard rock or even metal requires knowing your timing and being good at playing along with a metronome or a click track. I am studying trying to come up with my own guitar rock riffs which is what I’m doing.

When writing guitar rock songs, they don’t have to be super complicated. Ya know, I’m not gonna be playing Dream Theater-like or Iron Maiden-like guitar playing styles or anything. When I write guitar rock songs, they’re just gonna be very simple. I’m not gonna be a neo-classical or shred type of player. I love that type of music but I don’t think I’ll ever be that type of player ’cause all I want to do is write some in your face and tight-ass rock n’roll, ya know what I mean? I just want to do the best I can in writing some great guitar rock riffs that can get you head-banging or bopping your head up and down and I believe I can make music like that. Write energetic songs that get people moving.

When I wrote original songs on acoustic in the past, I wrote songs like that. For my live acoustic solo shows, I did my best to put on a new experience for the audience. Something they’ve never saw before. Too many acoustic performers just play folk songs and bluegrass type of stuff. That’s how people saw the acoustic guitar but not me. I’ve always loved to rock on the acoustic. I’ve always played the acoustic like an electric guitar and I continue to play acoustic like that. Now I want to see if I can play like that on an electric guitar and my rhythm style hasn’t changed really.

When writing metal songs and hard rock stuff, most of those guys just use power chords, scales and intervals for riffs. It don’t have to be super complicated. Most of my past acoustic songs were originally meant to be electric hard rock songs anyways.

When I start writing hard rock songs, I’m gonna do my best to put bass and drums behind them so they can be full band. I’ve always wanted to write full band music for years and I really wanna make that happen.

When I start writing full band rock songs and start putting them out for people to hear, I would probably give it a band name kind of like a Foo Fighters kind of thing. Remember when Dave Grohl started the Foo Fighters, that started out as a project that was made by himself  and then the project developed into a full time band. I’ll come up with a band name for that project and start promoting that music under that name instead of my solo name.

I want to do a hard rock album or a demo very soon. It’s a dream of mine and it’s on the bucket list. I believe I can make a badass rock n’ roll album that rock n’ roll fans would dig.

I’ve listened to hard rock and metal music all my life… and I want to write original hard rock music inspired by my favorite bands that I’ve listened to over the years. I mostly want to write original hard rock music inspired by Led Zep, Nirvana, Sabbath, Metallica, Kiss, etc.

Could I actually form a real band of my own someday? I want to do that too. Never say never on that, though. I’d love to form a rock n’ roll band!


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