“You don’t have to be positive all of the time, having feelings doesn’t make you a negative person”…


Over the years of my life, people always complained of the way I am especially online. People often complained about my online ranting. When I have certain opinions on things and if I disagreed with others, people would be unhappy with that. I’ve always been accused of being a negative person… always having an attitude and being argumentative with people.

Maybe all that is true, admittedly but ya know what? There is nothing wrong with that. It’s all about being human and being true to yourself. That’s how I’ve always been really. I’m a human being with real feelings and I was never afraid to express it all.

People always expect me to be positive 24/7 and they want me to be positive all the time but they seem to get disappointed when I’m not positive all the time. That’s okay ’cause life would be boring as fuck if I was positive 24/7.

I’m allowed to have differences of opinion and I’m allowed to disagree with people. I’ve always been about being honest with myself but nope, I’ve always been the big bad Brock like how people treated me online.

I’ve been called an internet troll and people thought I was posting things for “shock factor” as a way to get a reaction out of things. Nope. It’s just me being real. If something’s on my mind, I’m gonna say it. I try to be positive most of the time but I speak for myself, ya know?

I’ve always been honest and real but unfortunately, that’s not gonna make everybody happy. People don’t get it yet that I’m a human being with real feelings but that’s okay. I’m not changing for anyone and you shouldn’t either. Nothing wrong with being yourself. If you’re pissing people off then you must be doing something right.


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