Even though I don’t compete for bodybuilding, I am still a “bodybuilder” either way…

Ya know, it is interesting how some people wanna say that I’m not a bodybuilder just because I don’t compete for the stage. As long as you’re in a gym, lifting weights and building muscle, you’re a bodybuilder. You don’t have to compete for the bodybuilding stage to be considered a bodybuilder. You can always have an amazing bodybuilding physique and not compete for the stage at all.

Standing on a stage wearing nothing but tiny trunks in front of a live crowd has never been my goal and I’ll never wanna do that. I respect the bodybuilding competition but that has never really been my thing. I respect all the competitors who won Mr. Olympia over the years whether they were on steroids or not, I don’t care.

I don’t wanna compete for bodybuilding. Don’t want to become a fitness model or a fitness guru or none of those things. I got into bodybuilding ’cause I just want the look.

Yeah, I kind of do want to look like a young Arnold and look like other guys such as Jay Cutler (who is my favorite Mr. Olympia, btw). I also want to look like movie stars and pro wrestlers like the Rock. Yeah, most bodybuilders with huge physiques like that always get accused of “steroids”. I know Arnie’s used ’em in the past but he still was a great bodybuilder back in the day. I think it’s unfair that every bodybuilder out there gets accused of juicing up. It’s just wrong. You can’t judge the book by it’s cover. I definitely do believe that it’s possible to get that “Mr. Olympia” look naturally. A lot of these guys just ate really good, worked really hard and stayed dedicated. I’m tired of people accusing bodybuilders of using “roids”… it’s getting old and tiresome. We’re living in that world right now. Most of those accusations are coming from people who don’t even lift or they’re completely out of shape.

I do want that bodybuilder look. Try to get huge as much as possible. Even though I’m into powerlifting now, I still train like a bodybuilder too. I still train every body part even though I’m into powerlifting training. I do both strength training and hypertrophy so I can build strength and muscle. That’s why I got into powerlifting ’cause I want to get stronger faster.

Since I got into bench pressing full time, my chest pecs is finally improving. I can feel them getting bigger and bigger each week and I’m finally looking like a “bodybuilder”. Big arms, improved pecs and abs. Yeah, I got it all pretty much and feeling really good.

I got into bodybuilding ’cause I just want that muscular look. I look at all these guys in Mr. Olympia, the action movies and pro wrestling and I thought to myself, “Geez, someday I’m gonna look like that”. That’s why I got into bodybuilding, to get healthy and get in shape. I want to look great.

I’m proud to be a bodybuilder and powerlifter and I’ll never give up both. I want to show people that I can be good at something and inspire others to hit the gym too hopefully. Like always, I’m very proud of what I look like now but still got work to do, though. Still got some bodyfat to drop and working on that also.



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