Back home from my week vacation at Cape Cod… now back to reality…

Hey y’all, I’m back.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been for a whole week if anyone actually cares that is, I’ve been gone on vacation to Cape Cod. Just a little vacation with the family. I definitely had to go so I can get away from everything for a little while and that includes weightlifting and guitar playing. It’s good to get away from all that for a week. It was a great time with the family and all.

What did I do? Well, I did some sight seeing, went to the beach some, ate some sea food and did some shopping.

For shopping, I came home with some books ’cause there are always used local bookstores around Cape Cod, picked up a couple of music CD’s since there was an actual record store in Hyannis and picked up a couple of movies on BluRay.

What music CD’s and movies did I get on BluRay? For CD’s, I picked up the new Slipknot album “We Are Not Your Kind” and a couple of albums by Hall and Oates: “Change of Season” and “OOoooh Yeah”. I’m gonna start listening to Hall & Oates albums ’cause I’m really digging their stuff. As for movies on BluRay I picked up the new “Pet Sematary” remake and a horror film called “Mandy” with Nicolas Cage in the leading role.

I also went to the movie theaters at the Cape Cod mall and saw the new Tarantino film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” which was fucking awesome. Tarantino did it again and it’s another winner. I’ll have a full detailed review of that film in another post.

It was a good week for me. Now back to reality. Gonna get back to my 4 day a week routine at the gym this week starting with chest day tomorrow.

I love going on vacation and travelling once a year. It is a really good escape from reality and a good way to relax. Now back to posting on the blog ’cause I still have some loyal readers even though my blog isn’t popular anymore like it used to be. That’s okay. I only blog for myself anyways. Maybe I’ll have a rant on that in another post.


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