Is Opeth the greatest band going today? I would say so… why aren’t you all listening to them?


I’ve been listening to Opeth obsessively for the past several years now. Love the band so much. I would think they are the greatest rock band going today, in my opinion. Actually, Opeth and Dream Theater are two of my favorite bands but I think I love Opeth way more, though. Opeth is a prog rock and metal band from Sweden and I’m trying to collect all 13 of their albums. I have 10 of them so far and only need to get: “MorningRise”, “My Arms, Your Hearse” and “Heritage”. Just gotta get those three albums and then I’ll have their entire discography. The more I listen to them, the more obsessed I become of their music.

I just like Mikael Akerfeldt’s songwriting style… he’s the singer and guitarist of the band. I really like his guitar work and his singing voice is real good as well. Mikael is a rock singer who can either sing clearly and he can growl both which I respect. Opeth is more than just rock and metal… they are also kind of jazzy a little bit and there are some ambient folk music thrown in the mix too. It’s just different and unique music. Different than any other rock bands. Opeth got their own unique sound.

At first, I thought their new record they just put out “In Cauda Venenum” was okay but the album is growing on me the more I listen to it. Yeah the album is a grower and now I’m beginning to think this record is the best one they’ve done in their career.

My favorite Opeth album ever is “Deliverance” (released in 2002) but the new one “In Cauda Venenum” is getting right up there. I just love how this band can switch from going to heavy music to mellower folky kind of music. This band also has a lot of classical influence I’m hearing too.

This band is inspiring me to make this kind of music… put metal and acoustic both together… make it proggy. I really love these experimental bands. I really hope to see Opeth live someday ’cause I really would. They do plays shows around the Capital Region once in a while when the band is on tour.

They really are a phenomenal band and I wish they would get recognized some more. It may seem like that prog rock is dead but the genre is still alive and well. Thanks Opeth for trying to keep prog alive.

I love the band’s guitar style ’cause their playing is more complex. When you think of metal in Opeth, you’re not gonna hear power chords and basic open chords. Their guitar playing is so unique, it’s hard to explain it.

Never heard them before? Go to youtube and type in the name. Listen to them on Spotify and Apple Music if you subscribe to one of them. They’re one of my favorite bands right now, probably in my top 5. I’m always listening to them all the time.



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