Unfortunately, no deadlifting and no quad training until my left leg injury heals 100%…

Last week, I stopped deadlifting but I thought I was okay to train legs on leg day so I trained legs last week and it was a mistake. Still have the left leg injury a little bit so this weekend at the gym there will be no deadlifting and no quad training. Honest to god, this time. Even though I stopped deadlifting, the leg is already feeling better so I know it’s not a permanent injury. I just need to give it time to heal all the way and I will. Yup, so this time around no deadlifting, no squatting and no quad training of any kind.

It’s not that bad so I think the leg injury will go away in a few weeks hopefully but no serious lower body training for a while. I may as well give it a month off if that’s what it will take. Sounds like a good idea actually… take a month off of lower body training until it heals 100% and then I can get back to serious lifting.

If it doesn’t go away at all then I may as well go to the doctor and see what’s up, but I’m pretty sure it’s healable ’cause it’s already getting better. Just need to give it more time. I’m pretty sure it’s not a long term injury and that’s what you don’t want.

Like I repeatedly said before, if you want injuries to go away faster you gotta stop training that injured body part and stop putting weight on it.

This sucks ’cause I want to go back to big deadlifting. I’m not worried about losing strength, though ’cause after all that hard work, you won’t lose strength that fast. Taking a month off is not a bad idea and that’s what they say.

I was going to do that powerlifting meet at the Wilton Y later this month but I don’t think I’m going to do this one ’cause of the minor leg injury that I’m trying to get over. Reminder to myself, no serious lower body training this month. I can still train the calves and the hamstrings but quads? No.


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