Why I switched to coffee instead of green tea…

… simply because I grew tired of drinking tea all the time. I never was a coffee drinker in my life until now. I’m finally getting into coffee and the addiction is starting. I also started drinking coffee simply because I like the taste of it.

Yeah, there will be an ongoing debate about coffee when it comes to bodybuilding or powerlifting. A back and forth debate on whether or not coffee is good for lifting weights but come on, coffee is just food, that’s all it is.

I started drinking coffee by trying out Vahalla Odinforce the coffee by Death Wish that was created by Zakk Wylde. That stuff is great and then I’m drinking Death Wish coffee. Just the other day I picked up a small bag of Starbucks Dark Roast.

Some people say drinking coffee would make you fat but as long you drink it straight up black, you’ll be fine. I just love the taste of coffee. I never liked coffee in the past but I guess it grew on me now that I’m older.

I’m gonna try all kinds of different coffee ’cause I know they all taste different but so far I love Vahalla Odinforce although that coffee is hard to find. I love Death Wish too.

I’m a newbie at coffee and am learning. I learned that coffee helps keep you awake more than green tea. I fall asleep too easily at night and since I’ve gotten into coffee, I’ve been staying awake. It helps keep me awake when watching a movie or a TV show ’cause I can fall asleep easily while watching something but coffee is helping me stay awake.

Doing research, though, I’ve read somewhere that coffee does have great benefits with weightlifting. Coffee can help make you stronger and more energetic.

Anyhow, I just love the taste of coffee and I like to have it with my breakfast and it’s good to have to relax in the morning. Some people drink coffee throughout the day but two cups of coffee a day is good enough for me. I just gotta have my caffeine.

I’ve been wanting to try Death Wish for a long time and it’s delicious stuff. It’s very strong coffee like they say and they call it Death Wish for a reason. That stuff makes you stay awake. If you drink more cups of Death Wish, you’ll be staying up all night probably.

Coffee is awesome. Glad I’m starting to get into it.


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