Did Kid Rock just hinted that he’s making a comeback to rap/metal??? It seems that he just did…

Looks like Kid Rock is getting all fed up with the  bullcrap he’s getting by the hardcore left these days. Y’all know that it seems that Kid Rock is leaning right politically and he’s been getting a lot of liberal backlash… especially for his rant against Oprah Winfrey on his twitter page. Was this in response to that?

Anyhow, Kid Rock is in the studio again recording a new record for 2021 and it’s looking he just hinted he’s going back to rap metal. The genre that pretty much started his career in the 90’s. Kid Rock’s rap metal stuff was pretty huge in the 90’s but in the 2000’s years, Kid Rock began to stay away from rap/metal and going different directions with his music over the years. He’s been doing a lot of country music and southern rock stuff which this type of music landed him in the country music spotlight. He still does hard rock music some but trying to stay away from the rap music stuff that he was known for in the old days.

Ya know, I know Kid Rock is still pretty popular musically but I prefer the rap/metal Kid Rock than the country/Southern Rock stuff he does. I was a huge Kid Rock fan when he was doing the rap/metal stuff but then I stopped buying his music since he went country.

In the tweets above, this is a big hint that it looks like he’s making a comeback to rap/metal. Notice he said, “Devil Without a Cause”. He is angry and pissed off and in order to show that anger in his music, he needs to bring back rap metal which makes sense. It’s good news if he’s really going back to the rap stuff ’cause I think he’s best at that.

It also looks like he’s fed up with the major label industry ’cause the tweets say, he’s no longer with a label and he’s releasing the record unsigned. That’s also a cool thing ’cause if you make a record without a label that means you get full control of your music without any record execs trying to tell you how to write songs. So it’s going to be interesting to see what Kid Rock’s next album is gonna be like.

I still do love the album “Devil Without a Cause”, though. It’s a great record and still holds up today.


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