When will my best of 2019 lists coming for music and movies? They will be coming soon…

Usually at the end of every year, I would write up a best of top 10 or a top 15 lists for Best Music Albums and Best Movies of the year. You can betcha I will do both lists for this year too; however, I think I will wait to do both of these lists in Jan. I’m not going to rush these two.

There are still more movies I need to see of 2019 and there are still some more music albums that I need to hear of 2019. This year’s been a decent year for music and movies, though. For music, I’m finding a lot of good albums that I liked this year and there were some good movies this year too.

These lists will be coming. As for movies, the next movie I will be seeing in theater is “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” and there are still a bunch of movies that came out this year that I haven’t seen yet but will see them soon. So much to catch upon, so little time, ya know?

I will get those lists but I will write a list of the upcoming movies I want to see for 2020 that I can write up easily this weekend. Be on the lookout.


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