Who are my favorite wrestlers in AEW so far??? These are my choices and I’ll name a top 5 for both male & female wrestlers…

I’ve been watching AEW wrestling ever since they first started with their very first ppv and first live show “Double or Nothing”. So far, I’ve seen every AEW ppv and every TV event they’ve ever done. I’m just really impressed with what they’re doing and AEW is definitely making me feel appreciative of wrestling again. I’ve been watching AEW for a long while and I’m just blown away by all the talent they have there.

You see there is a big difference in between WWE talent and AEW talent. With the WWE roster, they are all very talented wrestlers; however, WWE only allows them to use certain moves and most WWE stars can do more than what you see on their brand. With the AEW brand, they are not as strict and picky when it comes to wrestler moves. In AEW, they allow their wrestlers to do whatever they want in the ring pretty much.

So with that being said here are my top 5 favorite wrestlers in AEW for both male and fewmale talent… I’ll list them in no particular order.

The males:

Chris Jericho: I’ve been a loyal Chris Jerich fan for many years. He impresses me over the years and he still impresses me even to this day when he’s in AEW. I always knew Jericho is very talented. Jericho is still killing it in the ring and killing it on the mic too. Jericho never disappoints every time you see him on TV. Admittedly, Jericho was the reason I wanted to get into AEW wrestling .

Kenny Omega: Before AEW wrestling, I’ve seen a few Kenny Omega matches for New Japan and now Kenny is in AEW, this guy just blows my mind. He was definitely one of the best in the indie wrestling industry and I can see why the man has gotten a lot of buzz for the past few years. Now he’s in AEW full time, I look forward to seeing him on TV. Kenny is a freakin’ badass. The man has the full package…. he has the wrestling skills, great mic work and he’s got a great look too.

Adam “Hangman” Page: Don’t know much about him but what I’m seeing of Adam Page is freakin’ awesome. He’s also one of the best wrestlers who never touched WWE. This guy is also great in the ring, great on the mic and he has an awesome look/gimmick.

Darby Allin: This guy getting my attention as of late. His gimmick is a little silly but man can’t help but notice his wrestling skills. He’s one of the best wrestlers on the AEW roster for sure. My god, that man is amazing and I can definitely see him becoming AEW champ sometime in the future.

MJF: Like most AEW fans, MJF is getting my attention. This guy is just entertaining as hell and also good in the ring and good on the mic.

The females:

Awesome Kong: I’ve been a fan of Awesome Kong since her TNA Impact days so I know she’s freakin’ awesome and she’s still killing it in the ring too.

Dr. Britt Baker: She’s definitely one of the best female wrestlers I’ve seen. Her matches are always exciting to watch.

Riho: I have a thing for Japanese wrestling and Riho just blows my fuckin’ mind in the ring. I just love female Asian wrestling and they are always a blast to watch. These Japanese ladies sure know how to put on a good show.

Hikaru Shida: She’s another Japanese talent who also amazes me. These Japanese talent in the women’s division are awesome.

Brandi Rhodes: She’s the wife of Cody Rhodes. I love her ’cause she has a hot look and she’s also great in the ring although she’s playing the manager role for Awesome Kong right now but Brandi is fucking awesome, I enjoy watching her.

So there you have it. Some of you may ask, why didn’t I name Jon Moxley or Cody Rhodes in the men’s division? They are good but not my favorite. In my opinion, I think Moxley and Rhodes are a bit overrated.

I do enjoy AEW so far and they haven’t disappointed me yet. AEW is changing wrestling whether you want to admit it or not.


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